Dog-related Hebrew Vocabulary: Man’s best friend!

There’s no discussion here: Dog is man’s best friend. Dogs have been around humans for centuries, and have become jolly good fellows of millions of families around the world. In Israel, there are over half a million dogs registered, and in Tel Aviv, 10% of dog owners have more than one furry barking friend at home.

If you are going to spend a few hours walking around Tel Aviv, you’ll certainly find many beautiful dogs walking around either with their cohabitants or with the hundreds of dog-walkers of the White City. But it goes even beyond! One of the main beaches in Tel Aviv is well known as “The Dog Beach”, and during the summer, thousands of gorgeous barking beings gathered together for a swim with their families.

But, do you even know how to say dog in Hebrew? Or how do you say puppy in Hebrew? In this short (but cute) article we will expand your Hebrew vocabulary by giving you words related to the world of dogs.

After learning these Hebrew words you’ll be more than ready to visit one of the numerous dog parks available in almost every city in Israel and freely talk to other dog owners who, just like you, are deeply in love with your furry, emotional, and funny friends.

Ready to learn more Hebrew? Here we go!

Woof Woof! Dogs-related Hebrew words

You just got to Israel and want to adopt a puppy? Have you considered a dog trainer for the newest member of the family? Maybe you want to give your dog a popular Hebrew name some people give to their babies? First of all, there are some Hebrew words you should learn; and we are here to help you do so. Let’s cut to the chase!

1. Dog: Dog in Hebrew is כלב, it is pronounced keh-lev, and some kabbalistic spiritualists consider that its literal meaning is “like the heart”. You see? Even in the original word for dog in Hebrew, these animals are pure, transparent, and lovable. Do you have a כלב? Tell us your dog’s name in the comments below!

2. Puppy: At some point, if you wish to, your dog will become either a mother or a father, and that little furball is called, in Hebrew, גור. It is pronounced goor, and it can also be used as a first name for human beings. Lately, the name גור has become very popular in younger generations, so don’t be surprised if you meet a little boy named “puppy”. Actually, גור means cub, whatever animal we are talking about.

3. Dog trainer: After a few dozens of books torn into pieces, and after seeing the floor of your house full of fresh dog poop, you’ll need a dog trainer. Dog trainer in Hebrew is מאמן כלבים, it is pronounced meh-ah-men klah-veem, and there are hundreds of them all over Israel. With a simple Google search, you’ll find various מאמן כלבים to choose from for your puppy’s needs. Before you know it, your dog to follow your “sit”, “down”, and “rollover” instructions.

4. Leash: In Israel, unless you are inside a dog park, you must walk your dog with a leash. Leash in Hebrew is רצועה, and it is pronounced reh-tzoo-ah, and you can find them in different colors and made from a variety different materials. Just keep in mind that you have to have it… you don’t want to get a fine, right?

5. Dog Park: In almost every park, there is a part that is exclusively for dogs. For your dogs, visiting these places will be like you going to the closest attraction park in town. In Hebrew, a dog park is גינת כלבים and it is pronounced ghee-nat klah-veem. There are some huge and beautiful ones in the Park Hayarkon in Tel Aviv, so if you have the chance, visit them with your doggy!

6. Veterinary: We truly hope you don’t ever need them for an emergency! That being said, a vet in Hebrew is וטרינר, and it is pronounced veterinar. You can find several vet clinics all over Israel and there are numerous rankings you can find online to check on the best professionals available in your area.

7. Bark: Last but not least. How do you say “bark” in Hebrew? To bark in Hebrew is לִנְבּוּחַ, and it is pronounced lin-boh-ach. Just in case you need to tell your dog not to bark, now you know how to complete that task by speaking Hebrew. Cool isn’t it?

Learn Hebrew today. Move to Israel. Adopt a dog!

Your life can change at any second. If you learn Hebrew in one of the amazing, live, and online Hebrew lessons that the Rosen School of Hebrew offers, you will be ready to move to the land of milk and honey and succeed at it.

Can you imagine yourself living the dream? Renting a nice apartment in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Ra’anana, adopting a gorgeous puppy, and walking around the city together? It is now up to you…but before making any decisions, learn some Hebrew; you’ll see how easy and engaging it can be!

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