Top 5 Israeli artists from 2020

Israel is widely known for its innovations in the field of science and technology. It is also known worldwide for the number of startups per capita it has, and for the vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem that it offers. Besides that, Israel is also known for its advanced medical discoveries, and for the creativity of a bunch of citizens who made the desert flourish.

But how much do we truly know about Israel’s art scene? How many of us are talking about the extraordinary Israeli artists that are revolutionizing the minds of thousands around the world? Do we know who’s the best sculptor in the land of milk and honey? Or who was the most listened to musician in the last year? In a moment, we are going to walk you through the worlds of music, conceptual art, performing arts, and dance.

In this article, you’ll meet some of the most special, unique, and successful Israeli artists. Would you like to expand your knowledge in this field? Ready for a nice talk about Israeli arts while holding a crystal glass of champagne? Here we go…

5 extraordinary Israeli artists

You should know this. If you know who Yossi Vardi is, and you also managed to understand some of the most interesting facts about Golda Meir, you should also be aware of the vibrant art scene in Israel.

Here, we are going to introduce you to 5 extraordinary Israeli artists. You might know some of them from before, but we are sure you are going to meet some new, exciting artists you’ll like to follow.

Ariel Schlessiger, conceptual and installation artist

Ariel Schlessinger is an exceptional Israeli artist.

His diverse body of work navigates sculpture, conceptual art, and installation art. His installations often dislocate artifacts we use every single day, rearranging them in ways that leave viewers simultaneously amused and apprehensive A couple of years ago, this Israeli artist who now lives between Berlin and Mexico City, won an international competition to design a public work for the entrance of the newly renovated Jewish Museum in Frankfurt.

You can find many of his artworks at the Dvir Gallery, in Tel Aviv.

Omer Adam, musician

If you are imagining an illustrated artist discussing philosophy with a bunch of Prime Ministers, Omer Adam might not be the guy you were looking for. Nevertheless, he is a very talented Israeli musician who made it to the top of every single music ranking in Israel during 2020.

His album “Omer” was the most listened to in the Spotify rankings of 2020. All the songs in the album have conquered the hearts of all Israelis, regardless of their generation. Almost every house in Israel is singing at least one of Omer Adam’s songs.

Have you heard him sing? Don’t waste more time!

Lior Raz, actor

How could this list be complete without mentioning Lior Raz? This Israeli actor gained fame and recognition for his participation in the worldwide known series Fauda, in which he portrayed Doron Kabilio. In 2018 he played an impeccable role in the film Mary Magdalene, in which he shared the set with both Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix.

Raz is now preparing the newest season of Fauda, to once again, leave the entire world with their jaws dropping.

Gal Gadot, actress

“Wonder Woman don’t you ever forget”… Gal Gadot is, for sure, one of the main Israeli artistic figures of 2020, who was crowned Miss Israel back in 2004. She began her international film career in the film franchise “Fast and the Furious” in 2009, to then have the honor to portray Wonder Woman.

Gadot portrayed Wonder Woman for the first time in the film Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Since then, her international career exploded and reached hills that the girl born in Petah Tikva never expected during childhood.

Her latest film Wonder Woman 1984 has a very high ranking on the movie review site, Rotten Tomatoes, and only great things are waiting to occur in the life of this extraordinary Israeli artist.

Do you remember when we taught you some Hebrew slang? Well, now watch Gal Gadot teach the internet about different Hebrew slang.

Yasmeen Godder, dancer

With places like the Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance in the heart of Tel Aviv, it is impossible to end this article without talking about a well-known Israeli dancer who is doing breathtaking presentations and leading some exceptional initiatives.

Yasmeen Godder is more than just a dancer. She is an activist who advocates for inclusivity from the world of performing arts, writing and dance. Among other astonishing innovations, she created a contemporary dance group for people living with Parkinson’s Disease.

According to her own website, to date, she has created fifteen evening-length works, and since early 2019, Godder has been developing a project titled Practicing Empathy, out of which a series of outcomes are being created: performances, workshops, and events. Watch her amazing approach to choreography.

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