Cool and Romantic Places for Dates in Israel

There’s no doubt. Being single in Israel is fun. Not only do you get to meet several different types of people, but you also have a chance to have these chats in phenomenal places with a very cool vibe and energy. Dating in Israel can offer you the opportunity to travel around and to have a meal or a drink at places where maybe even King David or Zeev Jabotinsky once had a romantic evening.

Take a look at the places we suggest and get ready to feel some blue and white butterflies in your belly.

We Recommend: 5 best places for a date in Israel

Mandarin: A hidden garden in the middle of the Merkaz HaCarmel in Haifa

We have the perfect evening for you. First of all, walk around the German Colony in the downtown part of Haifa, feel the evolving energy of coexistence of many people and the breeze of the sea, then go for a short walk around the Baha’i Gardens (did you know that this temple belongs to the newest monotheistic religion?). After setting the vibe and just before the sunset begins to disappear, go up the mountain to an area called “Merkaz haCarmel” (The Carmel Center).

When in the Carmel Center, we invite you to walk around the amazingly romantic promenade of “Yafe Nof” (there is at least one proposal a day in this area!). You’ll be able to look at the sea, to contemplate the old city of Akko, and even to hold hands for a bit before you head to a spectacular hidden garden right around the corner from this lovely view.

Right after you exit this breathtaking area and when going back to the main road, you’ll be a few blocks away from a little restaurant called Mandarin. Mandarin is a hidden garden in the middle of the Merkaz HaCarmel where surrounded by trees, you’ll be able to have a cup of delicious hot chocolate or a magnificent Sahlav (do you remember when we talked about Israeli delights?!). Being only a few meters away from a very busy and noisy street, you’ll only feel the wind hitting the tree branches, and the spoon of your significant other adding some sugar to their drink. Do not miss this magical spot.

Kalamata: Make a wish and eat fresh fish!

Let’s go now to the old city of Jaffa. Let’s walk around those tiny streets and let’s feel the energy of such an old city. If you would like to have a date in this magical area of the country, we recommend you start by visiting the Wishing Bridge. By giving a spiritual tweak to the beginning of your date, everything might start with a different and very positive vibe.

After each one of you steps in front of your respective zodiac sign and wishes something, we invite you to go up the little hill to enjoy the view of the beautiful Tel Aviv. Sit there for a few moments, and set the scene for a cozy, remarkable soiree. To continue, go down the stairs and get to the main square. Let the sound of the water fountain guide you to another set of stairs, but this time going up. You have arrived in Kalamata.

As a personal tip, we suggest you make reservations in advance and that you ask for a table with a sea view. If you’re lucky enough, your table will be located right next to a big window where you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the ocean. The food is extraordinary, and the environment of the place is quiet, nice, and very romantic. If you are one of those people who appreciate both fish and love, this is the place for you.

Cafe Elkalai: An urban treasure for wine lovers!

Tel Aviv peeps! If you are looking for a clear answer, do not ask a Telavivi (that’s what you call someone who lives in Tel-Aviv) what’s the best place to have a date. Most likely, you’ll get as many answers as results in Google when typing “Justin Bieber”.

In Tel Aviv, every single bar or restaurant can be considered a “pickup bar”, a “romantic place”, or “the ideal place for a first date”. All at the same time! Therefore, we will recommend a fantastic place that is very, very romantic and that can, indeed, be the ideal place for a first date. Actually, many of our friends who went there for their first date are now getting married! But no pressure.

The gorgeous and tiny Cafe Elkalai is located just between the center of the city and the old north. This wine bar offers a wide variety of wines from all over the globe and some delicious options of cheese to go alongside. Maybe it is the effect of the candles in the middle of their tiny (but comfy) tables, maybe it is the wine itself, we actually don’t know. What we do know for sure is that this place offers an arresting energy and environment, ideal for those dates in which we talk for a long, long time!

Parash: The best morning date in Jerusalem!

Is there anything better than starting your day with a fresh-made muffin, bread or cake? Maybe the one thing that is missing is a mouthwatering cup of coffee? Ok! If you could have those things in a cozy little coffee place with lots of green around you it would be even better, right?

You can have this, and much more in the lovely coffee place Parash in the old neighborhood of Kiryat Yovel, in Jerusalem. This place has been around for decades, and if you get there early enough on a Friday morning, you might be able to take one of their spectacular Challot to your place to celebrate Shabbat.

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After enjoying some great pastry in Parash, we invite you to walk around Kiryat Yovel’s little streets with the name of Latin American countries and enjoy the breathtaking view of Ein Karem, which is right under this folkloric neighborhood.

Park Hayarkon: There is always time for a nice picnic in the park!

It doesn’t matter if you are near the locality of Rosh Ha’ayin, or if you are on vacation near Ramat Gan. Park Hayarkon is the longest park in Israel and it is located on both sides of the Yarkon river, starting from the sea in Tel Aviv, and going a little past Rosh Ha’ayin.

This place is magical. Families, group of friends, kids, and many couples fill it with activities, sport, picnics, BBQ’s and a number of memorable moments. Having a date in the park is always a good idea! Go to the market of the city you’re staying in, and get the musts: strawberries, cheese, some other fruit, and a nice bottle of either wine or juice. Don’t forget the tablecloth, the bottle-opener, the silverware, and a few small pillows.

Enjoy the remarkable vibe and the nature of Israel’s biggest park, and have a picnic-date to remember!

It doesn’t matter which place you pick, you’ll always look better and more confident if you can order, speak and communicate in fluent Hebrew. If your Hebrew isn’t there yet, starting out with Rosen’s interactive live courses might be a good idea. Learn Hebrew today and guarantee a (more) successful date tomorrow!

If you know about any other place that should be on this list, just post it in the comments below and we’ll add it to an upcoming selection of places. We hope you have a great time!

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Arie Elbelman R.Arie was born and raised in Chile, and immigrated to Israel in his early twenties. He wants to take an active role in the development of this young and smart country. Arie believes that the best way to shape our present and future is to live with more horizontal hierarchies, to smile a whole lot, and to always, always respect each other.

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