It Is Snowing In The Hermon: Winter Vocabulary In Hebrew

We know, it is the middle of the summer in Israel and the air conditioners are working a few extra hours every day. Streets are full of shorts and flip-flops and sweaty businessmen and women are abundant on the streets of Tel Aviv and Herzliya. Maybe it is because of this drastic climate change that we became nostalgic about winter.

Many of our readers are located in areas of the world where is way too cold right now, and if not, this post where will teach you some winter-related Hebrew words which might be an amazing way to forget, at least for a few minutes, about the extremely hot weather and about the need to have a fan close by.

Today, we want to take you back to winter, and we are giving you enough time to learn these words. So when the Israeli winter actually comes back, you’ll be more than ready to ask for חימום, for a מטריה, or for a necessary שוקו חם.

Are you ready to learn these new Hebrew words about winter? Make yourself comfortable, because here we are to teach you some new Hebrew vocabulary, once again.

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Hebrew words related to winter, snow and rain

Do not complain! You have a few months to learn these winter-related words if you are planning to visit Israel in the upcoming winter. Not only that! You can both learn the Hebrew vocabulary we are sharing here and join one of our online Hebrew courses so you’ll make sure you are going to be ready to visit the lovely Kotel covered with snow.

So, can we begin? Get a blanket, because believe it or not, this article might make you feel cold.


Umbrella in Hebrew is מטריה (pronounced: me-tree-ah) and although the wind will most likely destroy it, it is important you travel around with one (or two) מטריות during the Israeli winter. It doesn’t rain a lot, but when it does, it seems more like pouring. So, take care, you don’t want to get catch a cold!

Having a cold

A cold in Hebrew is צינון (pronounced: tzee-nun). It is this what you have to tell the people at the בית מרקחת when you are looking for a medicine to feel better.


An important and easy word! How do you say cold in Hebrew? Cold in Hebrew is קר (pronounced: car). During winter, is not as קר as in Minnesota, and it doesn’t rain as much as it rains in the south of Chile, but it can get קר… and you need to be ready for it!


Snow in Hebrew is שלג (pronounced: sheh-leg), and it is just gorgeous to see our lovely country covered with snow. There are a few things more beautiful than seeing the Kotel covered with snow. It gives a unique, special vibe to this holy place. We truly recommend visiting it on a snowy day…

And if you like skiing, don’t miss the Hermon. It is not like snowboarding on the Chilean side of the Andes, but it will for sure be an unforgettable experience for you and your family.


Rain in Hebrew is גשם (pronounced: geh-shem), and even if it doesn’t happen very often, it is very important – as we said before – you walk around with a few מטריות. But… do you know why we always say in Israel that “rain is a blessing”? Well, every single raindrop allows our amazingly beautiful Kinneret not to disappear. That is why we simply love rain!


There are two ways to say jacket in Hebrew. One is the same word we have in English, and the other one is מעיל (pronounced: meh-ill). It doesn’t matter which one you choose if you make sure to have one with you during the Israeli winter. We have several Jewish mothers in our offices, so if you don’t wear it, we will make sure to remind you to do so…


So, are you feeling קר enough? Maybe you need a heater? Well, a heater in Hebrew can be said in 2 different ways, either you say תנור (pronounced: tah-noor), and it is the same word you can use to say oven… or, you can say חימום (pronounced: hee-moom). Don’t you worry! If they don’t understand you, do a simple gesture: Hug yourself… someone will get the message!

Hot chocolate

Nothing is better than a delicious hot chocolate before going to sleep on a cold night, right? Well… hot chocolate in Hebrew is שוקו חם (pronounced: shoko ham), and no worries about the pronunciation… we keep it kosher here and there is no ham included in this praiseworthy drink.

Learn Hebrew today, visit Israel tomorrow

Not enough words for you? Do you want to get an even bigger Hebrew vocabulary? Join one of our online Hebrew courses today, participate in live interactive classes, and get lessons from the best Hebrew instructors.

If you want to have an epic experience in Israel next time you visit, learn Hebrew. You’ll be able to communicate better and to meet different kinds of Israelis you will remember forever.

About the author

Arie Elbelman R.Arie was born and raised in Chile, and immigrated to Israel in his early twenties. He wants to take an active role in the development of this young and smart country. Arie believes that the best way to shape our present and future is to live with more horizontal hierarchies, to smile a whole lot, and to always, always respect each other.

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