Jerusalem Forest

If you are traveling to Jerusalem, you can’t miss the Jerusalem forest. The forest covers around 4500 dunams. The hills and mountains are covered by the flora and millions of trees. You can even find there a swimming pool… The forest was planted during the 1950s by the Jewish National Fund. It is the greenest spot in Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Forest is a pine forest located in the Judean Mountains west of Jerusalem. It is surrounded by the Jerusalem neighborhoods Beit HaKerem, Yefe Nof, Ein Kerem, Har Nof, Givat Shaul, and a moshav, Beit Zeit.

The most vulnerable parts of the Jerusalem Forest are the “green fingers” which penetrate into the city itself, adding charm and oxygen to the lucky neighborhoods which border it. These fingers are a link in the ecological corridor that begins with Nahal Revidah and widens into the Sorek river-bed in the city’s western reaches. These green areas are threatened by many plans which are liable to interrupt the ecological corridor at many points and cut off the urban section of the Jerusalem Forest.


Jerusalem residents fighting for the forest’s future have become aware of the severity of the ecological disaster threatening from the west. This awareness has resulted in a broad-based collaboration among the Guardians of the Forest, the committee for the Arazim Valley and the committee for Ein Karem which is promoting a plan to preserve the visual basin of the village. These spaces are undoubtedly a national asset – the central recreational area of the State of Israel – which is essential in maintaining quality of life for the two big metropolises, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

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