Learn Hebrew with Disney songs!

Disney movies provide us with moments of fun, joy, togetherness and, sometimes, they can even bring us to tears. But, did you know that you could use some of Disney’s most popular songs to learn a new language? Actually, since many of us know the lyrics of many Disney songs by heart, when we listen to them in a new language we can start connecting words with their meanings in a very natural way.

We know learning Hebrew isn’t the easiest task. That is exactly why we make sure to create a learning environment for our online courses that is enjoyable and engaging. We strongly believe that the learning process should be expanded to experiences that go beyond the class.

In this musical number (uh…article!), we’ll show you how to learn Hebrew while singing along with some of your favorite Disney tunes. Why? Because we’re sure you’ll enjoy the Hebrew version of these famous songs. We’re also absolutely positive that they will help you increase your Hebrew vocabulary by learning new words in a dynamic, musical way.

Are you guys ready to sing along?

A musical way to learn Hebrew: our favorite Disney songs

It is not the first time we share something music-related on our blog. In the past, we shared with you the best songs for children to learn the Hebrew alphabet and the best Israeli songs of 2020.

Today, we wanted to take this one step further and bring you some songs from a long time ago that might be very useful to learn Hebrew like a champ. By listening to these songs over and over, and by comparing them to your own language’s version, you’ll see how fast you learn new Hebrew words and their meaning.

1. Under The Sea – בתוך הים

This fun jam from The Little Mermaid is an excellent way for you (and your kids) to learn Hebrew words related to the sea, the ocean, the beach, and the world of marine biology.

Another thing that can be appreciated in the Hebrew version of this Disney song is the different accents from the different characters. As you know, on your next visit to Israel you’ll meet different kinds of Israelis, and every single one of them has a different and very particular accent.

Play this song and sing along!

2. I Just Can’t Wait To Be King – משתגע כבר מלך להיות

Time for the lions to shine! In this joyful song from Disney’s classic “The Lion King”, you and your children will be able to dance with Simba and Nala while learning cool Hebrew words related to the monarchy, the jungle, and the animal kingdom.

If you do the exercise of playing it right after the English version of the same song, you’ll come to realize that you know much more Hebrew than you thought.

3. The Bare Necessities – מה שטוב לדוב

This song can teach your kids much more than just some new words in Hebrew – it reminds us of what’s truly important in life. With this hit from The Jungle Book, you’ll be able to relax and express it in Hebrew.

Take this opportunity to sing along, to learn more Hebrew, and to remember what are your bare necessities.

4. Be Our Guest – התכבדי

Do you like to entertain people at your home and enjoy nice food and a cool conversation together? Then, before inviting your next group of Israeli friends, you should play this song and learn the Hebrew words that are in it. It’s from Beauty and the Beast and might even give you a few tips for your next dinner party 😉

It is time to learn some Hebrew!

Learning Hebrew has never been so easy. Now, besides practicing with these glorious songs, you can join the live and online Hebrew classes offered by the Rosen School of Hebrew.

In these lessons, delivered by amazing instructors, you’ll be mastering the language of our ancestors in no time. After just a few classes, you’ll see how fast you come to understand Hebrew and to speak it fluently.

Are you ready? Give a present to yourself! Learn Hebrew today…

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