Israel’s greatest music hits of 2020

Oh, we love music. You already know that. If you are one of our many assiduous readers, you might remember this is not the first time we have talked about music, and also not the first time we have shared with you some of the best Israeli music available.

A few weeks ago, we went over the best Israeli songs that have represented the Land of Milk and Honey in the international contest Eurovision, and a little bit after that – with the intention of offering you help with the kids – we showed you some of the best children and toddler’s songs in Hebrew.

At this opportunity we have two different goals, each as important as the other. We want you to listen to the Israeli songs we are going to share with you, and on one hand, expand your Hebrew vocabulary; but on the other, dance, learn the lyrics, and have a great time.

Israeli music has progressed a lot since the very beginning of the State of Israel, songs like the ones Yaffa Yarkoni used to sing are no longer available, but new voices such as Moshe Peretz, Yuval Dayan or even Idan Rafael Haviv appear to show us that there is another style of Israeli music that is catchy and fresh.

Do you want to listen to the top 5 Israeli greatest music hits of 2020? Turn the volume up and get ready!

Best Israeli songs of 2020

It has been a peculiar year, but music has been present anyway. Maybe, even more present than in previous years. Since we have had so much time in our own houses, the people from Israel have discovered new artists that arrived to stay.

Now, we show you the 5 best Israeli songs of this peculiar year. Let yourself be surprised.

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1. Shlemim – Idan Rafael Aviv

This beautiful song is a poem a husband dedicates to his wife. It tells the story of their mutual love, their achievements as a couple and family, and about the little details he loves about her.

In this gorgeous song in Hebrew, Idan sings to his wife and thanks her for knowing him so well, for helping him along the way, and for the life they have built, together.

It is a very emotional Israeli song you have to listen to. If you want, learn some Hebrew today, so you will value the song even more by understanding its lyrics.

2. Have a good week – Avraham Tal

The great Avraham Tal is back in the rankings with this great song. The author of some of the best Israeli musical hits comes back with a unique song, in his very recognizable style.

This love story is not like the one Idan sings about in the previous song we mentioned before. In this one, the story is completely different.

Still, the unique style Avraham Tal brings us will make you dance to the rhythm of this song in Hebrew. Enjoy it!

3. Just smile – Yuval Dayan

This is a gorgeous love song in which the young Yuval Dayan recognizes the presence of angels in her life. She says, in the lyrics of this song, that there is a time for everything and that “all she asks for, is for you to always smile”.

As you can see in her video clip, she has performed this beautiful, emotive song at several weddings in Israel, causing more than one person to drop a tear or two while listening to her dazzling song.

4. Cubes – Static & Ben El

A very catchy Israeli pop song! The youngest members of Israeli society are singing this song all the time. The authors of the very popular song “Kvish HaHoff”, are back with another popular song that responds to their very particular musical style.

Check out one of their newest creations right here, right now! Bring your kids… they might like it more than you.

5. Ana Majnuna – Eden Ben Zaken

A few years ago, Eden Ben Zaken participated in the Israeli version of the X-Factor. Since then, she has won a precious spot in the Israeli musical industry.

Her newest song, Ana Majnuna, has a very catchy melody and a particular set of lyrics. Among the words you can find sentences such as “I’m a Psycho. I didn’t go to no college. And I ain’t got no Fiat convertible. Everything comes naturally to me. I will entrap you”.

Again, this is an Israeli song specially dedicated to the youngest members of the house. Bring them over and listen to it!

Understand the lyrics of these Israeli songs. Learn some Hebrew!

If you want to fully understand the lyrics of all these Israeli songs, we have a solution for you. Now, you can learn Hebrew in a friendly, encouraging, live, online environment.

The online Hebrew courses offered by the Rosen School of Hebrew offer you the unique possibility to master the language of both our ancestors, and the singers we mentioned in this article.

It is time. Hebrew is waiting for you. Behatzlacha!

About the author

Arie Elbelman R.Arie was born and raised in Chile, and immigrated to Israel in his early twenties. He wants to take an active role in the development of this young and smart country. Arie believes that the best way to shape our present and future is to live with more horizontal hierarchies, to smile a whole lot, and to always, always respect each other.

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