Classic Disney movies and their Hebrew titles

Disney is much more than just movies for kids and teens. Disney is a world of optimism, fantasy, and surprises. Every single movie, series, or character Disney releases appears to show us something about the society we live in, and about our very own aspirations as human beings.

But, what other thing is also surrounded by optimism, fantasy, and surprises? Israel! Indeed, the land of milk and honey is very similar to Walt Disney World, mostly when comparing their most intrinsic values and visions.

That being said, we are here today to discuss the magic of Disney from a different perspective. In the opportunity, we want you to learn new words in Hebrew by understanding how some of the best Disney movies are named in Israel.

As you already know, we are here to help you out! We want you to have a wider Hebrew vocabulary, and to have all the necessary Hebrew words so you can have the ultimate experience in your next visit to Israel.

If you’re ready to learn Hebrew in a fun and effective way, start out by reading this useful article. At the end of it, you’ll at least know the Hebrew names for Disney’s most famous movies.

The Hebrew names of your favorite Disney movies!

You are about to open a portal. A portal that will allow you to watch Disney movies in a way you’ve never done before. A portal that will allow you to hear the voices of your favorite characters in the language of our patriarchs and matriarchs.

Now, let’s cut to the chase!

1. The Lion King – מלך האריות

In Hebrew, the name of this movie is literally translated as “the king of the lions”. This phenomenal movie can help your kids (and yourself) learn a bunch of jungle-related vocabulary in Hebrew. Starting with the very trailer, you can check out how many of these Hebrew words about animals, jungle, and family you understand. Sounds cool, don’t you think?

2. Lady and the Tramp – היפהפייה והיחפן

This oldie has a slightly different title in Hebrew. Its Hebrew name literally means “The Gorgeous and the Barefooted”. If your little ones are starting to learn Hebrew words related to dogs and other pets, watching this movie in Hebrew can truly help.

This emotional movie about love, which has been adapted to the theater stage in many countries around the world, can surprise your children and teach you one or two new Hebrew words. Ready to woof along?

3. The Jungle Book – ספר הג’ונגל

A lovely movie we also mentioned when we gave you some great Disney songs in Hebrew. The Hebrew translation literally means the same thing as the original title in English. We invite you to watch this movie with the youngest members of the family so you can all expand your Hebrew vocabulary related to the animal world.

Are you ready to watch Jungle Book in Hebrew and meet the Israeli versions of Mowgli, Baloo, Kaa, and the crazy King Louie?

4. Toy Story – צעצוע של סיפור

Once again, the title is slightly different in Hebrew. It means “A toy of a story”. If you or your children are interested in learning more Hebrew words about friendship, toys, family, and social interactions, this movie is for you!

The 4 movies of the saga talk about friendship, bonding, loyalty, and mainly about the sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself. How would you say “to infinity and beyond” in Hebrew? Discover it while watching this great film…

5. Inside Out – הקול בראש

The title of this movie is kind of funny and really smart. It plays with two Hebrew words that sound the same but that are completely different. When written it literally means “The voice in the head”, but when said it can either mean that, or “everything’s in our minds”.
הקול means “the voice” and הכל (which is pronounced the same) means “everything”.

This is the ultimate movie to learn more Hebrew words related to emotions, psychology, and family relationships. Ready to know more about yourself with these new Hebrew words?

If you loved this article, be sure to check out our article about the best Disney Songs in Hebrew. Your kids will love it and you might find yourself humming along to the Bare Necessities. Can you imagine Simba singing in Hebrew? Or the best songs of The Beauty and The Beast in Hebrew (with a slight French accent)? Well, if you want to hear the best Disney songs in Hebrew wait no more and visit one of the latest musical articles on our blog.

Learn Hebrew today. Write a movie tomorrow!

Who knows? Maybe after enrolling in one of Rosen School of Hebrew’s live and online classes, you’ll be fluent enough to write your own film in Hebrew! The only things you need are to trust yourself, to learn in an engaging environment, and to always remind yourself that everything is possible.

Learning Hebrew in one of the courses offered by Rosen School of Hebrew is learning Hebrew with the best-trained instructors, in an enjoyable learning environment, and with extraordinary classmates from all over the world, who – just like you – desire to master this lovely, useful, and ancient language.

What are you waiting for? Hebrew is just around the corner!

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