The best Israeli songs to musicalize your kids’ Bar Mitzvah

A moment of joy, pride, and happiness happens when our little ones come to their Bat or Bar Mitzvah age. In the hearts of parents, something special and unique occurs. The day in which they become adults and responsible holders of God’s commandments, according to our ancient tradition, is a happy, unforgettable, and memorable day of our children’s lives, and certainly, of our own lives too.

This beautiful ritual in which kids read the Torah for the first time, marks the beginning of a passage. From this day on, they are responsible for their own actions, and for their own relationship with whatever concept of divinity they have.

In many cases, especially outside Israel, kids like to end their religious and spiritual ritual with a fun party. Here they can have a good time and dance to celebrate what they have just become. Traditional Jewish dances are played, and both family and friends join together in bliss to honor the celebrant.

What are the best songs to play at your kids’ Bat or Bar Mitzvah? How can you find the right hits to get people to dance, move, and celebrate? Sit back and relax because we have taken care of the playlist inspiration.

Extraordinary songs to musicalize a Bat or Bar Mitzvah party!

On such an important day of your family’s story, you need to have some nice music. Of course, you can always play the best Israeli hits to entertain your guests, but there are special moments within this celebration that need some unique and exclusive sounds.

It is for those special moments of this event, that we are going to recommend you the ultimate songs. What song to use before your Bar Mitzvah speech? Which tunes to use to musicalize the video that shows pictures of your little boy or girl growing up? What songs to play in order to heat the dancefloor? Yes! Here we go!

1. For the emotional moments…

When it comes to preparing your guests for something truly emotional as the speech parents give to their kids during their Bar Mitzvah, there are numerous songs in Hebrew that can touch that emotional fiber.

One of the greatest songs of all time (especially for these kinds of moments) is Al Kol Eleh. This song, originally written and played by Naomi Shemer, has a newer and modern version played and sang by the very talented band Yonina.

Listen to it and think about your kid’s upcoming Bar Mitzvah. Got emotional? Then you have just found your song!

2. Music for the video soundtrack of baby pictures

This video will last forever. Most likely, your kids are going to show this video to their kids, and so on… When you show your guests how your little one has grown with pictures that go from the day they were born to the photoshoot they had just a week before their ceremony, you should make sure to use an appealing song.

For this, we truly recommend this phenomenal, nostalgic song by Arik Einstein. A song in which he speaks about how kids grow up and how they, eventually, leave the nest to start their very own adventures.

Listen to this song and don’t be afraid to let some happy tears out!

3. For the party

And the moment of fun arrives! It is time to hold our hands together and dance! It is time to grab a chair and lift your children to honor them on their Bat or Bar Mitzvah day! It is time to dance with grandma, pops, your nieces, and your uncles! It is time for the traditional Jewish Horah dancing.

When this time arrives, there are multiple songs you can play. Here we leave you with 2 long mixes that will keep your guests smiling, entertained, happy, and dancing! That is guaranteed.


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