Juan de Dios Pavón Caballero

Juan de Dios Pavón Caballero

Biblical Hebrew and Greek Teacher

A Few Words About Me

Learning the biblical languages provides students with the most efficient tool for understanding the original texts without intermediaries.

Juan de Dios teaches Koine Greek and biblical Hebrew, and is a translator of educational materials from the Greek course at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies. He believes that teaching demands an act of generosity, teaching is to share knowledge and be excited when it is helpful for the person who is learning.


Juan de Dios holds a bachelor’s in History and Classic Philology at the University of Granada (Spain) and a bachelor’s in Hebrew Philology at the University of Salamanca. He also earned a master’s in Education for pre-university students at the University of Cadiz. He has been a pre-doctoral researcher in the department for Semitic Studies at the University of Granada and has studied abroad at different universities, such as the Rothberg International School at the University of Jerusalem, the Ben Gurion University in Beer-Sheva (Israel), the Universities of Haifa and Tel Aviv where he studied Modern Hebrew, and in the Theological Seminary of New York where he took courses about Spanish Hebrew Medieval Literature.

Professional Experience

Currently, Juan de Dios Pavón is a Latin and Greek teacher for pre-university students, and a Hebrew and Greek teacher at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies since 2009. He taught two courses of Modern Hebrew (ulpanim) at the University of Granada. In addition, he translates educational material on ancient languages (particularly Greek) and literary texts from Hebrew, Greek, and Slovenian to Spanish.