Let the competition begin: Where’s the best shawarma in Tel Aviv?

If there is one thing you won’t be in Israel, that would be hungry. In the city of Bauhaus architecture, you’ll try tons of different flavors, taste several new spices, and enjoy a number of dishes you’ll never forget. But if you want to try something local that is not falafel or hummus and have a unique experience of Middle Eastern food, shawarma is what you’re looking for.

The shawarma is a kind of seasoned and layered kebab, made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie. The vertical rotisserie was invented during the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century; and till today we all enjoy the delicious meals that are prepared in it.

Now the important question is: where do you find the best shawarma in Tel Aviv? As you’ll see on your next visit to Israel, you have several options. On almost every corner you’ll find a shawarma spot, but not all of them will offer you a flavor that you’ll keep talking about even after a few hours of finishing your pita.

Are you looking for the best shawarma place in Tel Aviv then? Let us give you a hand.

*Don’t worry, vegan-friendly options will be mentioned. Keep in mind that Tel Aviv is one of the Vegan capitals of the world.

The 4 best Shawarmas in Tel Aviv

We bet you are already hungry. Read this useful blog post, take some notes and as soon as you finish reading it, you are welcome to either jump on a plane to Tel Aviv or to leave your room in the Land of Milk and Honey to go find one (or more) of these shawarma spots. Ready? We are!


Located on Dizengoff Street, in the heart of Tel Aviv, Yashka has been offering a delicious range of shawarma flavors for several years. Their shawarma is very tasty and their pita bread is just breathtaking. If you go to Yashka during lunch or dinner, be ready to wait a few minutes until someone takes your order; lots of people from all over Israel come to Yashka after a nice day surfing in Tel Aviv, or after a crazy night out in the White City.


HaKosem is a very traditional place offering overwhelmingly delicious shawarma. This place is just a few meters away from the very famous Dizengoff Center. Their name literally means, “The Magician”, and their friendly staff makes sure that each bite feels like an act of magic. If you are around the center of Tel Aviv and you want to try a shawarma surrounded by bars and pubs, HaKosem might be the place you are looking for.

Here’s a tip: HaKosem’s Amba sauce is just breathtaking. If you like this mango-based sauce, add it to your shawarma and give it a try.

Shuk haCarmel

The Shuk HaCarmel (or Carmel Market) will not look like you expected it to, if you are used to seeing it only on some Israeli TV series on Netflix. In this market you’ll find thousands of different colors, smells, fruit, and people. It will be one of the most Middle Eastern experiences you can ever have. Within the crowded halls of this Tel Avivian market, you’ll find many places to have the shawarma of your dreams. Each one of them will have its own singular flavor and specific characteristics. But having a shawarma within this unique environment will make you feel like you are in the middle of the film Aladdin.

Here’s a tip: If you are having a shawarma in the shuk, ask for it on a “lafa bread” instead of a pita to get the ultimate Israeli-shawarma experience.

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Vegan friendly: Anastassia

Are you vegan? We have the perfect place for you! First of all, you shouldn’t worry. Tel Aviv is one the most vegan friendly cities in the entire world. Hundreds of vegan restaurants are available, and almost all of them offer an exquisite variety of food you’ll truly enjoy.

Anastassia, located in the middle of Frishman Street and just a few meters away from Yashka, has extraordinary vegan shawarma to offer to its guests and customers. This vegan shawarma is simply delicious and Anastassia’s waiters and waitresses will give you great service, making the food taste even better. Even if your family or companions aren’t vegan, they’ll find several options here to join you, while you relish your non-meat shawarma.

Learn Hebrew today. Enjoy a Shawarma

First of all, if you are looking for the best Hummus in Israel, don’t you miss this blog post we wrote a few months ago.  Now, if you want to learn more Hebrew to make sure you get your order right in any of the delicious spots mentioned above, take into consideration one of Rosen’s online Hebrew courses.

By participating in them you’ll master the language of our ancestors, you’ll understand all the recent Netflix hits, and you’ll be able to order phenomenal shawarma in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Learn Hebrew today and become a wiser version of yourself!

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