Banking Vocabulary in Hebrew

Another post with vocabulary! Do you remember when we taught you the needed Hebrew vocabulary to talk about babies and young children? Or when we gave you a few new words in Hebrew related to traveling? Maybe you do remember when we decided to teach you some useful Hebrew words related to weddings and love? Well, in this post we are going to teach you some words for a tedious, but very important activity: Banking.

How do you say check in Hebrew? Or, for example, how do you ask the cashier in the Israeli bank to do a deposit? Maybe you just want to open an account in an Israeli bank? Don’t worry! In just a few paragraphs from now, you are going to know how to ask for each one of these things, and more…

We suffer enough when dealing with banking issues for language to become an extra barrier. This post is here to help you avoid this new barrier and to teach you all the Hebrew words you’ll need when doing banking.

Bank-related Hebrew vocabulary

Imagine yourself inside an Israeli bank trying to solve an issue, or pretending to make a deposit in your employee or in your friend’s bank account. Now, imagine that you can do this with no struggle at all… After reading this post, and after strengthening your Hebrew in our online courses, that will be your reality!

Are you ready to learn some words? Let’s begin with the basics…

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Bank in Hebrew is בנק, and as you might be able to tell already, it is pronounced “bank”. As easy as it sounds. You have tons of them all over Israel, and it won’t be hard to find the closest branch.

Bank account

Well, at least you already know half of this word! Bank account in Hebrew is חשבון בנק (pronounced: chesh-bohn bank). Don’t forget that your account number will include, in most cases, the number of your branch, and that in case you move to a new branch of the same bank, the entire number will change… Yup! The system cannot be that perfect, right?


Branch in Hebrew is סניף (pronounced: sneef), and it is very important for you to remember the 3 digits of yours. Without these 3 little digits, no one will be able to transfer you any money, and you won’t be able to do many tasks or activities within your own account.


Another easy word! Check in Hebrew can be written in 2 different ways: שיק or צ׳ק, but in both cases is pronounced in the exact same way as it is in English, check. One good thing: Checks in Israel can be written in almost every language, so in case your Hebrew numbers aren’t strong enough just yet, don’t worry! You’ll be able to pay anyway.

Money transfer

If you want to move money from your חשבון בנק into another one, you’ll need to ask to do what is called in Hebrew an העברת כסף לחשבון אחר (pronounced: ha-ava-rat keh-sef leh chesh-bon ah-her), which literally means “money transfer to a different account”. Yes, sometimes Hebrew can be very, very literal… but don’t blame us! Back in the time of Moses, money transfers were done in a slightly different way.


Deposit in Hebrew is הפקדה (pronounced: haf-kah-dah), and you can do this in every סניף out there. In most cases, you can also do it online, but if you decide to go to the physical branch, make sure to smile at the פקיד (clerk), he/she will most likely need one genuine smile after a whole day dealing with impatient Israelis.


In most cases, this activity is done at the כספומט (hold it, we’re getting there). Withdrawal in Hebrew is משיכה (pronounced: meh-shee-chah). Some ATMs in Israel offer the possibility to do a withdrawal of dollars and euros, but to make sure this possibility is available, go inside the סניף, and talk to someone there.


An important word and topic! ATM in Hebrew is כספומט (pronounced: kahs-poh-mat), and you’ll find one on almost every corner. But pay attention! Those כספומטים that do not belong to any bank, charge a lot more commission for taking money out. We truly recommend getting closer to any סניף from almost any בנק and approach their כספומט. Your card will be safer and your commission, lower. Is there anything better than this?

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Arie Elbelman R.Arie was born and raised in Chile, and immigrated to Israel in his early twenties. He wants to take an active role in the development of this young and smart country. Arie believes that the best way to shape our present and future is to live with more horizontal hierarchies, to smile a whole lot, and to always, always respect each other.

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