The Final Solution

The Final Solution (Hebrew: הפתרון הסופי) was a term used to describe the Nazi Germany’s plan to solve “the Jewish problem”.

In 1941, the plan has begun. All Jews in Germany and the occupied countries were deported to sealed ghettos as a holding area. Hundreds of thousands were sent directly to the gas chambers in death camps. As the Allies advanced on the camps, death marches further depleted the ranks of potential camp survivors.

Heinrich Himmler , who was the chief architect of the plan, and the German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler termed it “the final solution of the Jewish question”.

Before the “Final Solution” was devised to murder all Jews in Nazi jurisdiction, the scheme the Nazis planned to rid their land of the Jews was forced emigration. In 1940, plans were devised by the Nazis to ship all Jews under Nazi control to Madagascar, an island in the Indian Ocean. It was not until 1941 that Nazi bureaucrats were referring to the “Final Solution” in the context of genocide rather than a “Territorial Final Solution” in the context of forced emigration. Many historians believe that the Madagascar Plan was a smokescreen for Hitler’s desire to murder European Jews.

In 1943, for the first time, Hitler announced that “Final Solution” meant that “all Jews would be killed”.


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