“He and She” quiz for Passover

One of the best ways to learn Hebrew with us is to make your studies a regular part of your life. Many people enjoy quizzes, especially if they are related to elements of daily life. Here’s a fun and easy way to practice your Hebrew- with a “He and She” quiz.

Let’s start with the Hebrew word for the food of the Israelites in the wilderness- this was called Manna- מָן(Man). When you look for a serving of food to eat you will ask for a מָנָה (Mannah), especially if you want a serve of falafel!

The name of the Red Sea in Hebrew is Yam Suf-יַם סוּף- this was the river that God divided into two when the Israelites ran away from their enemies. Another word that can show us the power of the Almighty is the word storm – in Hebrew it’s- סוּפָה (sufah).

When you speak about rebellion in Hebrew there are a number of words; one of them is the word- מֶרִי (meri). One of the heroes of the Exodus from Egypt is of course Moses’ sister, who saved him from death as a baby- her name was Miriam-מִרְיָם.

If you want to say “my father” in Hebrew you will say avi- אָבִי. When you speak about springtime, the time in which we celebrate Passover, the season in Hebrew is called Aviv- אָבִיב

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