Daniel Bonilla-Ríos

Daniel Bonilla-Ríos

Biblical Hebrew and Koine (Biblical) Greek Teacher

A Few Words About Me

Simple or hard passages of the Hebrew Bible come to new life when we study, not only the lexical meaning, but also the theological meaning of the word. There and then we can “hear” the praise-filled silence in the class. Daniel started to study Hebrew because he wanted to handle the biblical text. Over the years he found out that the text handled him, opening him to wonder and awe in glad praise.


Daniel has a BSc in Biblical Sciences, an MA in Theological Studies, an MA in Theology, and is currently doing his PhD in Bible. His dissertation deals with the phrase “Qol Adonai” in the Hebrew Bible.

Professional Experience

Daniel worked in the United Bible Societies in the translation department, working in the committees of the Dios Habla Hoy-Study Edition, Reina-Valera 95 (both Study Edition and normal), and Traducción en Lenguaje Actual. He teaches biblical languages in his home country (Costa Rica) in ESEPA (an institution for training pastors and lay leaders of the church). He has taught courses in the United States at Virginia Commonwealth University and Union Theological Seminary and Presbyterian School of Christian Education, and Costa Rica at Universidad Bíblica Latinoamericana and Laureate Universidad Latina.