Modern Hebrew

Level 4

Learning Hebrew isn't as hard as many think, not when you learn slowly and consistently using the "Hebrew in Hebrew" method used in Israel.

Course Description

At this level you feel comfortable expressing yourself in Hebrew. Now we will introduce you to a wide range of Israeli topics that we will use as discussion points, to increase your Hebrew proficiency.

In this course you will learn 300 new words, complex grammar, verbs in future tense and adjectives. However, Hebrew is more than just the grammar, it is a culture, a people and a history. Combining literature, poetry and texts about famous Israeli figures into your language studies, will help you truly immerse yourself in Hebrew.

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This course is accredited by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • We partnered with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, one of the world’s leading institutes in Hebrew education, to bring you a wealth of knowledge in courses developed by renowned scholars.
  • Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate of achievement from the Rosen School of Hebrew signed by the dean of the faculty.
  • We also offer an academic track, with 2 academic credits, which is recognized in universities worldwide. To hear more details and enroll in the academic track click here.

Syllabus Summary

  1. Let’s Speak Hebrew!

    Text: Eliezer Ben-Yehuda .Grammar: Attributive clauses with the conjunction “...ש” Direct and indirect speech

  2. Lunch Break

    Grammar: Binyan Pa'al, gizrat Ha-shlemim present, past and future: Ef'ol form

  3. Buildings

    Song: “Who Shall Build a House” / Levin Kipnis . Grammar: The verb system: the seven binyanim The gerund Binyan Pa'al, gizrat Ha-shlemim gerund

  4. The First Kibbutz

    Text: Degania. Grammar: The noun-adjective phrase versus the construct state Binyan Pa'al, gizrat Ha-shlemim gerund: construct state form and plural form

  5. Do You Want to Volunteer in a Kibbutz?

    Grammar: Binyan Pa'al, gizrat Ha shlemim future: first root-letter guttural The inflections of the prepositions “םע” ,“...ל”, “לש” and “תא”

  6. What Will We Learn Today?

    Grammar: Binyan Pa'al, gizrat Ha-shlemim future: Ef'al form Real conditional clauses

  7. Bialik’s Poems

    Text: Bialik House. Grammar: Binyan Pa'al, gizrat Ha-shlemim present: Pa'el form

  8. Hebrew Verb Types

    Grammar: The verb system: verb types (gzarot)

  9. Business People

    Grammar: Binyan Pa’al, gizrat Ayin-Vav/Ayin-Yod–Not… but rather

  10. A Café in Jerusalem

    Text: Tmol Shilshom. Grammar: Binyan Pa’al, gizrat Pe-Yod–Not only… but also…

  11. Dinner Party

    Grammar: Binyan Pa’al, gizrat Pe-Alef Binyan Pa’al, gizrat Pe-Nun The inflections of the prepositions “דיל” and “לצא”

  12. Giving

    Text: Giving. Grammar: The conjugation of the verb “תתל” The inflection of the preposition “...ב”–But: “לבא” versus “אלא”

  13. Come to Me, Butterfly

    Text: Fania Bergstein's songs. Grammar: The negative imperative construction Binyan Pa’al, the gzarot Ayin-Vav, Pe-Yod and Pe-Nun: imperative

  14. Let’s Have Fun!

    Text: Fresh Love Song / Shlomo Gronich. Grammar: Binyan Pa’al, gizrat Lamed-Yod Let's–Nominal clauses in the past and future third person

  15. Once Upon a Time…

    Text: The Sycamore Garden / Yitzhak Yitzhaky. Grammar: The copula–Existence sentences (ןיא/שי) and possession sentences (...ל ןיא/...ל שי) in the past and future The pronouns “הזכ”, “תאזכ” and “הלאכ”

  16. Where Were You?

    Grammar: The conjugation of the verb “תויהל” Nominal clauses in the past and future first and second persons Cardinal numbers and ordinal numbers Templates of profession holders

  17. It's Wonderful to See You!

    Grammar: The infinitive combination: impersonal and personal clauses in the present

  18. Khan The Inn of Old Days

    Text: The Khan of Sha'ar Ha-Gai. Grammar: The conjugation of the verb “לוכי תויהל” The inflection of the preposition “ןמ/...מ”

  19. It's the Finishing Line!

    Grammar: Review of the grammatical topics of the course

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