Modern Hebrew

Level 3

Become more fluent in Hebrew and learn how to express yourself to your family members and friends in Israel. Bring Israel into your home and feel closer to your roots.

Course Description

This intermediate course will give you the chance to increase their fluency in interpersonal discussions in diverse situations such as going to the supermarket and cuisine. In addition, you will learn:

Course Main Takeways

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    Start Date January 21, 2018
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    Level Basic
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    Weekly Hours 2 hrs
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    Duration 9 Monts

Course Developer

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Tamar Weyl

Tami Weyl was a senior lecturer at the Rothberg International School for Foreign Students in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Tami Weyl has been serving…


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"c'est vraiment génial, pour apprendre cette langue ancienne et authentique. Autrement, pour connaître une…
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"Já fiz outros cursos no e-Teacher, mas o Ulpan é, realmente, o melhor. Muitos…
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"Professora maravilhosa, metodo interessante, foco no aluno, clima delicioso em cada aula."

Course Developer

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Shira Cohen-Regev, MS MSW

Shira Cohen-Regev finds the combination of teaching Hebrew and e-learning appealing and challenging and enjoys every minute of virtually teaching Hebrew. Shira believes in virtual…


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"I am really enjoying the course. Shira is a wonderful teacher. Very patient and…

Syllabus Summary

  • Present tense verb

    In this unit we’ll go over all the groups of present tense verbs we know, as preparation for learning the past tense!

  • Simple verbs – Ayin-Vav group

    Danny's aunt has arrived for a visit, and all day long she sings opera. What can he do?Danny is very tired…

  • Where did you live a year ago?

    In this unit, we'll learn past tense conjugation of pa'al-stem verbs, of the Ayin-Vav type. By the end of the unit we'll know how to tell where we lived a year ago, and when was the last time we flew to Israel.

  • Birthday presents

    In this unit we'll deepen our understanding of the subject of noun constructs. We'll eat chocolate cake and we'll buy history books.

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