The most romantic Israeli songs from the last years

Love is fantastic. Love is great. Love is a feeling that moves you.

Love has been interpreted in millions of different ways and languages. Some people decided that the best way to talk about love was poetry. Others thought about painting, and others, like the ones we are going to tell you about in this article, translated their feelings towards love into breathtaking songs.

In the past, we shared with you some great places to go on a romantic date in Israel, but have you thought about what would happen if that first date turns out to be something way more important than just that? Which song would you like to dedicate to your significant other when getting married?

If you happen to be celebrating an anniversary, a marriage, the arrival of a newborn, or if you just want to tell your partner how deep is your love, stay here… because we are about to give you the best 6 romantic songs in Hebrew.

At some point or another we need to take things one step further, the flirting language can remain, but it shouldn’t be all… Don’t you think?

So, are you ready to get romantic goosebumps? Ready to sing along? Here we go!

6 songs in Hebrew about love and romanticism

Are you currently in love? Have you fallen in love in the past? Are you, maybe, recovering from a bad break-up? Whatever the case is, these 6 romantic songs in Hebrew we are sharing with you are just gorgeous.

All launched in the 2000s, have helped many around Israel and the world get the courage to propose, to say “I love you” for the first time, or to dance a slow dance in front of their friends and family.

These are not just Israeli songs that are successful, these are romantic songs. Songs about love. Songs about you. Let’s listen to them!

1. מה שהלב שלי בחר – What my heart has picked

In this lovely song by Kobi Aflalo, we can sing about the decisions made with our hearts. He sings about everything his significant other means for him. In the lyrics, he establishes that no matter what he will stay with “her” forever, and that after everything his heart has gone through, the only thing he wants is her. Don’t you find it beautiful? Who would you sing it to?

2. כל מה שיש לי – Everything I have

In this song written and performed by Natan Goshen, he sings – sadly and nostalgically – about a love that’s no longer available for him. With sadness and pain, he tells “her” that she is everything he has and that he truly wonders what would have happened if he had never left.

Do you ever regret any decision made in your romantic life? Let this song accompany you in this thought process.

3. עד שתחזור – Until you come back

In this song, Yuval Dayan talks about how much she misses that special person. She mentions everything that she does and will do “until he comes back”. In a very poetic way, she says how much she walks around the walls during nights and how and why that will happen until he comes back. Among other beautiful things, she says in this song that everything that is an “empirical fact” doesn’t apply to her love story.

4. זכיתי לאהוב – I had the privilege of loving

Ivri Lider, an amazing Israeli singer, wrote and sang this emotional song. He sings beautifully that when everything goes wrong, or when we are just having a bad day, it is good to remember that “there is a pair of hands that want us close by”, that we can love, that we have won the privilege of loving.

Ready to cry with this lovely Israeli love song? Here we go!

5. הראשונה – The first one

What an amazing song. Moshe Peretz, the popular and well-known Israeli singer, sings about the first person he goes to when anything happens in his life. The first person he tells the good things he goes through, the bad things he struggles with, and every event of his everyday life.

Who is the first person you go to when anything good or bad happens in your life? Listen to this love-related song in Hebrew while you decide…

6. חיים שלי – Life of mine

This song, performed by the young and well-known Israeli artist Eden Ben-Zaken has become very popular to musicalize the entrance of both the bride and the groom to their wedding. Sung in a very recognizable style, this song talks about a significant other that means the world.

Be warned! If you listen to this song with your partner and you are not yet engaged, this might be the ultimate motivation for taking the next step… Want to re-fall in love? Play this unique Israeli song.

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