4 More Israeli TV Shows you cannot miss

A few months ago we shared with you some extraordinary Israeli series that will help you learn Hebrew faster than your neighbors. Most likely, and since you are an outstanding Hebrew student, you already watched them all and even recommended them to your friends and colleagues. Actually, besides talking about the effective and fun Hebrew courses Rosen offers, we love to present you with other solutions you can do in parallel to boost your Hebrew skills. The Israeli TV shows we showed you back then, and that are available on Netflix, had that exact goal.

Following the same line of thought, we showed you the best Israeli songs and hits of Eurovision, so you could learn more Hebrew from their lyrics and meanings, and we even published a list of praiseworthy Israeli films you must watch, again… for you to master the language of our ancestors.

Today, and only because we love Netflix’ series, we want to add 4 more titles to the list, and invite you to watch these 4 series as soon as possible. Are you ready? Let us give you a tiny tip: As soon as you finish reading this article, go prepare some popcorn, you will need it!

Former soldiers, the orthodox idiosyncrasy and an international spy: In other words… Israel

The Israeli series’ we want you to watch are a perfect reflection of Israeli society. Each one of them represents a different aspect of Israel and its people, so after you watch them all, you can create an invisible connection in your mind between their characters… even if they are not related in the specific plots. Just let your imagination soar.

Take a look at these Israeli Netflix series’ and begin watching them now. You decide which one will be the first one… it’s up to you!

The Spy

This an extraordinary series starring Sacha Baron-Cohen. Don’t worry! You won’t see him naked or playing one of his hilarious roles. This miniseries tells the story of Eli Cohen, an Israeli spy who spent 5 years in Syria, becoming the chief adviser to the Minister of Defense. This series shows the impact Cohen’s work has in Israel until today, especially when designing and deciding what to do within the borders of the country.

Sacha Baron-Cohen’s performance is simply outstanding and the story (which actually happened) is breathtaking. Although the series is in English, it has lots of dialogue both in Hebrew and Arabic and it can definitely help you better understand Israeli society.


This is about a single man looking for a wife, with the pressure of a charismatic and very particular father, and the concerned looks of his entire neighborhood. It could sound perfectly like the plot of a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Aniston, but it is not. Shtisel is a phenomenal TV series that portrays the every-day life of an orthodox family, in an orthodox Jerusalemite neighborhood.

Michael Aloni, who plays the main role of Akiva Shtisel, does a fantastic job of representing a young, orthodox guy, who doesn’t really fit in his current environment and is looking for “real” love. But this is not only about him, this is about the entire Shtisel family.

Shulem, Akiva, Gitti, Lippe, Ruchami, Elisheva, and many others will touch your heart and change your preconceptions about the orthodox community. Most likely, you’ll watch the 2 available seasons in only one long weekend. Give it a try!

PS: By watching Shtisel, you won’t only learn more Hebrew, but you’ll also boost your Yiddish!

When Heroes Fly

Superheroes are real. This series tells the story of a group of friends who met in the army. By coincidence one of them realizes that the love of his life isn’t actually dead, but instead, she is trapped in Colombia, and she has been there for the last decade. It is then that the group gets back together, travels to the South American country and starts looking for her.

Love, fights, friendship, brotherhood, and many other interesting issues are presented in this high adrenalin show. It will be hard to breathe while watching it because there is always something amazing and exciting happening.

Tomer Kapon, who also had a role in Fauda, plays the main role here… and we have a challenge for you: there is someone from Shtisel who also plays an amazing role here. Think you can discover who that person is? Watch both series and let us know in the comments below if you know who it is.

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Bonus track: Ramzor

So you want to understand what the every-day, typical Israeli life looks like? You want to be part of the friendship of 3 hysterical characters and their families? You must watch Ramzor. Ramzor in Hebrew means Traffic Light, and this series is all about that: The life of 3 friends… one of them married and with a child, the other one living with his girlfriend, and the last one living the crazy life of a single guy in Tel Aviv.

This show is a classic-comedy series from the Israeli society, and it portrays amazingly well the every-day life of 3 typical Israelis. The series was created by the great comedian Adir Miller, and it has been adapted to both an American and a Russian version.

Watch it! It is very, very funny!

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These series can for sure help and allow you to have a very nice time, but there is nothing like joining a live class, from the comfort of your living room, with a number of others who, just like you, want to learn Hebrew here and now. Give it a try – learning Hebrew today is only up to you. Behatzlacha!

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Arie Elbelman R.Arie was born and raised in Chile, and immigrated to Israel in his early twenties. He wants to take an active role in the development of this young and smart country. Arie believes that the best way to shape our present and future is to live with more horizontal hierarchies, to smile a whole lot, and to always, always respect each other.

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