The legend about the three stalks – Part 2

When the young girl saw the poor brother, she asked him to give her the three thin stalks that he had. In return, she promised to give him the reed, which she said he could plant when then the first rain- יוֹרֶה -of the next year appeared.

The poor brother said, “But how can I give you these three stalks? This is all I have for my family, and if we don’t use them in order to make bread now, we will all surely die!”
Nevertheless, despite his protest, the young girl convinced the poor brother by promising that if he saved her flute, she would return the three stalks back to him when the first rain appeared.

The poor brother was finally convinced and he gave the young girl the stalks and took the flute. She took the three stalks, braided them into her hair and disappeared.
After few months of hard work, poor brother saw the first rain come and he thought about the young beautiful girl, hoping he would see her again. He played the flute and suddenly she appeared in the field and sang a song. Strong winds blew and from her hair golden grains of wheat began to spread around the field. The grains were strong and healthy and when they met the land it was like a match made in heaven. They immediately grew into tall stalks.

The field of the younger, poor brother became full with wheat, while the field of the older, rich brother became empty and the 100 loaves of bread has been eaten. The younger brother enjoyed many years of wheat and prosperity and every year, his family leaves three stalks in the field for the young girl.

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