Music related names in Hebrew

Shalom friends, in the following Article you will find names in Hebrew from the Music world. Enjoy!
The first name is Liran (Hebrew: לִירָן) – The name is composed of the words לי (li, “for me”) and רָן (ran, “he sings”).

The second name is Ran (Hebrew: רַן) – The meaning of the name is (He) sang, uttered joyful sounds. The past tense masculine singular form of the verb לָרֹן (laron).

The third name is Ranit (Hebrew: רָנִּית) – The name is related to the words רֹן (ron), רִנָּה (rina) and רְנָנָה (renana), which mean “singing”, “joyful sounds”.

The fourth name is Ronel (Hebrew: רוֹנְאֵל) – The meaning of the name “Ronel” is “the joyful singing (רון, ron) of G-d (אל, el).
The fifth name is Shiran (Hebrew: שִׁירָן)- This name may mean a song (שיר, shir) singing joyfully (רן, ran).

The next name is Shirel (Hebrew: שִׁירְאֵל) – The meaning of the name is “G-d’s (אל, el) song or poem (שיר, shir).
The name Shirley (Hebrew: שִׁירְלִי) is composed of the words שיר (shir, “song” or “poem”) and לי (li, “for me”). It means “a song for me”, or “I have a song”.

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