Mah Nishtanah

Mah Nishtanah (Hebrew: מה נשתנה) is a song from the Haggadah, known as  The Four Questions.

Mah Nishtanah is sung during the Passover seder. The song name ” Mah Nishtanah “means what has changed?, and it is taken from the first line of the song.
It is a custom that the Four Questions are asked by the youngest child at the table who is able to read.

The origin of the Four Questions comes from the Mishna. However, the Questions are quoted differently in the Jerusalem and Babylonian Talmuds.


In the Jerusalem Talmud we can find only 3 questions: why are two foods dipped, why is matzah eaten and why is meat eaten mainly roasted. The Babylonian Talmud quotes four questions: why is matzah eaten, why is maror eaten, why is meat eaten roasted and why some foods are dipped twice.


Lyrics in English :


What has changed, this night,
from all the other nights?
That in all other nights we eat both
chametz and matzah,
on this night, we eat only matzah?
That in all other nights we eat
many vegetables,
on this night, maror?
That in all other nights we do not
dip vegetables even once,
on this night, we dip twice?That in all other nights
some eat sitting and others reclining,
on this night, we are all reclining?


Lyrich in Hebrew:



מה נשתנה, הלילה הזה
מכל הלילות

שבכל הלילות אנו אוכלין
חמץ ומצה
הלילה הזה, כלו מצה

שבכל הלילות אנו אוכלין
שאר ירקות
הלילה הזה, מרור

שבכל הלילות אין אנו
מטבילין אפילו פעם אחת
הלילה הזה, שתי פעמים

שבכל הלילות אנו אוכלין
בין יושבין ובין מסובין


Mah nishtanah, ha-laylah ha-zeh,
mi-kol ha-leylot?
She-b’khol ha-leylot ‘anu ‘okhlin
chameytz u-matzah,
ha-laylah ha-zeh, kulo matzah?
She-b’khol ha-leylot ‘anu ‘okhlin
sh’ar y’raqot,
ha-laylah ha-zeh, maror?
She-b’khol ha-leylot ‘eyn ‘anu
matbilin ‘afilu pa`am ‘achat,
ha-laylah ha-zeh, shtey fe`amim?
She-b’khol ha-leylot ‘anu ‘okhlin
beyn yoshvin u-veyn m’subin,
ha-laylah ha-zeh, kulanu m’subin?

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