Judith Green, M.A.

Judith Green, M.A.

Judith Green, M.A.
Biblical Greek, Academic Developer

A Few Words About Me:

Judith Green has been teaching Classical Greek to graduate students at the Hebrew University for decades. Students from Israel, China, South Korea, Japan, Eastern Europe, Great Britain and many other countries;  students who understand that knowing Greek is the key to their study of ancient history, classical archaeology, Jewish and Christian thought and the sacred writings of Jews, Christians and pagans.  Although trained originally in Classical Greek, her extended stays in Greece and the Balkans exposed her to the Greek Orthodox Church, spoken Greek and Byzantine art, which became a special interest. She finds teaching Greek of the New Testament and the Septuagint, the Greek Old Testament, to students from all over the world through online courses at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies as natural culmination of all of her interests.


Judith Green holds an M.A. degree in Classical Philology from Harvard University, where she also started her Thesis about Nicetas Choniates, The Sack of Constantinople. She holds an additional M.A. degree in Classical Archaeology from the University of Chicago. Judith Green is an expert in classical studies with a specialization on Greek language, art and archaeology.  

Professional Experience:

Judith Green  is a trained classical archaeologist, philologist and a Lecturer of Classical Greek for graduate studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Judith Green has worked as a senior researcher on several large research projects which require translation and analysis of Greek and Latin texts and inscriptions, relating to the history and geography of ancient Palestine at the Institute of Archaeology in the Hebrew University. She had also taken part in editing the Greek Inscriptions in the 2nd Volume of the Corpus Inscriptionum Iudaeae/Palaestinae. Together with her students in Jerusalem, she has been reading the New Testament with great joy and exploring its intricate connections to the Hebrew Bible and the history of her own Jewish religion.