Carlos Santos Carretero
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Carlos Santos Carretero

Carlos Santos Carretero

Biblical Hebrew Teacher and Teacher of “Jewish Background of the New Testament” and “Discovering the Hebrew Bible”

A Few Words About Me

“The key to biblical studies is to disregard all prejudices and preconceptions. Carlos Santos is a biblical Hebrew teacher as well as a lecturer of the “Jewish background of Christianity” and “The Study of the Hebrew Bible” courses. Carlos aims to continue his involvement in scientific developments and to share his knowledge with people interested in biblical studies who are eager to learn about this fascinating culture.


Carlos holds doctorate in Biblical Studies and Hebrew Philology from the University of Salamanca. His research focused on Jewish apocalyptic literature and the mysticism of Hekalot. He holds a bachelor´s degree in Arabic Philology and a master’s in Spanish as a Foreign Language from the University of Salamanca.

Professional Experience

During the completion of his dissertation,  Carlos worked as professor in the University of Salamanca and as an examiner for Spanish as a foreign language in the “international courses for the preparation and correction of the DELE exams”. Carlos has taken part in congresses, seminars, and symposias of different Spanish universities (Extremadura, Murcia, Salamanca, Alicante), scholarly societies such as AEEHJ (Spanish Association of Jewish and Hebrew Studies), EABS (European Association of Biblical Studies), and other institutions, such as Darom Institute. The main subject was apocalyptic Jewish literature and its relation with mysticism.