Modern Hebrew

Level 6

Open your eyes and heart to Israel as you've never seen it and take a closer look at its culture, history, and literary works of art with a more advanced level of Hebrew.

Course Description

In this advanced course we will deepen your understanding of Israeli culture by reading texts which are written at a level suited for native Hebrew speakers. You will be exposed to texts about agricultural projects, modern poetry and short stories. You will also learn:

Course Main Takeways

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    Start Date May 27, 2018
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    Level Expert
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    Weekly Hours 2 Hrs
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    Duration 9 Months
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    Accreditation This course is worth 2 credits at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Course Developer

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Ouzi Rotem

Ouzi Rotem lives in Tel Aviv, where he  teaches Modern and Biblical Hebrew as well as Biblical Aramaic. He enjoys reading, cooking and listening to…


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"Ha sido una muy buena experiencia, pues aunque no tengo ,mucho conocimiento de computacion,…

Syllabus Summary

  • The Woman Who Brought Cinema to Jerusalem

    Text:Lia van Leer,Grammar: Pronouns with “...ש”,Adjectives with the prepositions “...ל” or “...מ”,The directional suffix

  • We Should Speak Hebrew

    Grammar:Binyan Pi’el, gizrat Ha-shlemim: past, present and future,Binyan Pi’el: four-letter roots,Future tense after expressions with the conjunction “...ש”

  • Painting, Sculpture and Design

    Text:Bezalel,Grammar:Binyan Pi’el, gizrat Ha-shlemim: gerund

  • Falling in Love and Getting Excited

    Song:When I'm with You / Uzi Hitman,Grammar: – Binyan Hitpa’el, gizrat Ha-shlemim: past, present and future Binyan Hitpa’el: four-letter roots The inclination of the word “יניעב”

This Course is Fully Acknowledged by the Hebrew University

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