Modern Hebrew

Level 6

Open your eyes and heart to Israel as you've never seen it and take a closer look at its culture, history, and literary works of art with a more advanced level of Hebrew.

Course Description

At this stage, you are familiar with various Hebrew idioms and metaphors. This allows us to dive into more complex texts that will deepen your understanding of Israeli culture.

We will read poetry and short stories, at a level suited to native Hebrew speakers, which will enrich your vocabulary. This course will encourage you to actively practice the grammar and vocabulary you have learned up to this point, in speaking, reading and writing.

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Syllabus Summary

  1. The Woman Who Brought Cinema to Jerusalem

    Text:Lia van Leer,Grammar: Pronouns with “...ש”,Adjectives with the prepositions “...ל” or “...מ”,The directional suffix

  2. We Should Speak Hebrew

    Grammar:Binyan Pi’el, gizrat Ha-shlemim: past, present and future,Binyan Pi’el: four-letter roots,Future tense after expressions with the conjunction “...ש”

  3. Painting, Sculpture and Design

    Text:Bezalel,Grammar:Binyan Pi’el, gizrat Ha-shlemim: gerund

  4. Falling in Love and Getting Excited

    Song:When I'm with You / Uzi Hitman,Grammar: – Binyan Hitpa’el, gizrat Ha-shlemim: past, present and future Binyan Hitpa’el: four-letter roots The inclination of the word “יניעב”

  5. I Am Singing to Myself

    Song: Until Tomorrow / Nathan Zach, Grammar: Binyan Hitpa’el, gizrat Ha-shlemim: gerund Typical meanings of Binyan Hitpa’el The inflection of the preposition “ימצע”

  6. Listening to Music

    Grammar: Binyan Hif’il, gizrat Ha-shlemim: past, present and future

  7. Reading the Newspaper during the Break

    Grammar: Binyan Hif’il, gizrat Ha-shlemim: gerund Typical meanings of Binyan Hif’il

  8. We Shall Meet Again

    Song: We'll Touch the Dream / Shalom Hanoch, Grammar: Binyan Nif’al, gizrat Ha-shlemim The construction “ךלוה/דמוע + infinitive” for future actions

  9. This Little Love Affair

    Song: Two Little Love Affairs / Arkadi Duchin and Micha Shitrit Grammar: – Construct chain + adjective Construct chain + demonstrative pronoun

  10. So What Do You Think?

    Text: Hyde Park Grammar: The possessive suffix

  11. Who Wants to Be My Guest?

    Grammar: The double construct The two models of preposition-inflections

  12. I Was Reminded of You, I Missed You and Wanted to Talk to You

    Grammar: Verbs and their appropriate prepositions

  13. You Are the Best!

    Song: Rabbi Akiva Said, Grammar: The combined conjugation of the verb “רמול/דיגהל” The inflections of the prepositions “ומכ” and “ןיב”

  14. For the Sake of Freedom

    Texts: The Crow and the Dove; The Bird in the Cage; The Songbird and the Hawk, Grammar: Conjunctions

  15. Agriculture in the Desert

    Text: Agriculture in the desert, Grammar: The conjugation of the verb “לוכי תויהל” The conjugation of “ךרטצהל/ךירצ”

  16. It Will Be Nice to Go Biking

    Grammar: The infinitive combination: impersonal and personal clauses in the past and future

  17. If We Could Turn Back Time…

    Songs: Now / Yonatan Ratosh If I Were / Arik Einstein, Grammar: Unreal condition The definite article

  18. Once There Was a Lake North to the Sea of Galilee

    Text: Draining Lake Hulam, Grammar: The constructions “...ל ...מ” and “...ה ...ב” for expressing location “תויהל (past tense) + verb (present tense)” for expressing a wish or for polite speech

  19. Approaching the Finishing Line

    Grammar: Review of the grammatical topics of the course Adverbs composed of the preposition “..ב” and an abstract noun

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