Top 4 high class restaurants in Tel Aviv: Prepare your wallet!

We all like to experience luxury once in a while. It is nice to go to classy restaurants and taste unique flavors while an amazingly well-trained waitress treats you as if you were the king or queen of some recondite empire of the world. If you are one of those people who value these kinds of activities, you are going to love this article.

In the following lines, we are going to show you some of the best fancy restaurants in Tel Aviv. Places that are exclusive, expensive, and that will require you to make a reservation with enough time in advance to make sure you and your companion have a guaranteed spot.

We have shared with you some other facts about Tel Aviv in the past. We told you in the past where to go shopping when in the White City, we gave you some tips and tricks to spend the best ever 48 hours in Tel Aviv, and we shared with you some romantic spots in this spectacular city to have an unforgettable date.

Right now, it is time for you to prepare your wallet and take a look at the top 4 high-class restaurants in Tel Aviv. Are you ready to see the chic side of this hipster-ish city? Because we are ready to show you!

Elite restaurants in Tel Aviv: Dress well, eat better!

If you are coming to Israel to have a classy experience and you are ready to meet some of the most influential chefs in the entire Middle East, the list of the fanciest Israeli restaurants we are going to share is going to be a road map for you and your family during your next visit.

Keep in mind that for many of these places, you need to make a reservation with enough time in advance. So, if there are any of these luxury spots that caught your eye, be fast and make a call as soon as possible.

Let’s go!

1. Messa

Messa is one of the most popular up-scale restaurants in Tel Aviv. Hidden in the surroundings of the Sarona Market, this place offers a unique atmosphere with a breathtaking design. Besides the delicious food prepared by Chef Moshe Aviv, this place was selected as one of the “50 most beautiful restaurants in the world”.

If you want to eat something classic and boring, this is not your place. At Messa, dishes offer a creative and unusual variety of ingredients, preparations, flavors, and colors. If we could describe Messa in only 3 words, they would be fancy, fusion, and innovative.

If you want to end a nice evening at Sarona in one of Israel’s best restaurants, don’t think twice: Messa is the place you are looking for.

2. Zepra

Zepra is an amazing place. It may have a different style than the rest of the places mentioned in this list, but it is still one of Israel’s finest restaurants. In this phenomenal restaurant serving Asian fusion cuisine, you might see more businessmen and women rather than families or couples, and that might be because of its location.

The design of their place is also stunning, and the up-scale dishes prepared by Chef Avi Conforti and his team are going to leave you – always – wanting more.

If you are looking for a top-notch restaurant to have a meeting or even to go for a nice date, Zepra’s flavors will do the job.

3. Topolopompo

This is one of Israel’s most famous restaurants. It is fancy, up-scale and extraordinarily delicious. Also by Chef Avi Conforti, this place offers an environment that is totally different from the one at Zepra, while maintaining the best quality, a friendly staff, and a high-standard structure.

As some critics say: “(…) The menu is a paradise for any foodie”. One of the best and most disruptive things they have to offer is their “surprise menu”, in which the waitress asks you a number of questions that include restrictions, preferences and allergies and brings you a few dishes that will amuse you in the most positive way.

If you are looking for a high-class experience you will never forget, Topolopompo is your place.

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4. Shila

Shila is a family business that has been around for years. It is located very close to the previously mentioned Mel & Michelle, and only a few blocks away from the Hilton Hotel. This up-scale place serves delicious seafood, as well as locally sourced meat.

If you also like wine and cocktails, you can definitely enjoy the wide variety of drinks Shila offers. It is an amazing place that has a very friendly atmosphere and staff, if you are into seafood and fancy places, this is your go-to restaurant. Don’t miss it!

5. Bonus track: Some more…

If these places are not enough, check out these other restaurants: La Reppublica at Maze St has an impeccable cuisine and a fancy menu that you will definitely love. If you are near Ramat Gan, Chloey’s is a place you cannot miss… their dishes are breathtaking and the decoration of the place is outstanding. Give them a try!

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Arie Elbelman R.Arie was born and raised in Chile, and immigrated to Israel in his early twenties. He wants to take an active role in the development of this young and smart country. Arie believes that the best way to shape our present and future is to live with more horizontal hierarchies, to smile a whole lot, and to always, always respect each other.

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