Do you love skiing? Mount Hermon is the place for you!

You thought Israel was only about deserts, camels, and dry environments? Well, you were totally wrong! Israel has gorgeous landscapes that offer its citizens and visitors the opportunity to go from the coldest and driest desert to the greenest and most humid environments in just a few hours, by car.

If you love surfing, let us tell you that in the Land of Milk and Honey you won’t only be able to surf on the beach, but also on the snow. Yes. Where, you ask? In Mount Hermon!

Mount Hermon has the only winter ski and snowboard resort in Israel, offering its visitors 28 miles of ski runs, and is one of Israel’s most gorgeous nature reserves. So, if you were planning to go skiing in the Chilean Andes, or at the Pyrenees mountains, think again. If you are in Israel during the winter, Mount Hermon might be the place you were looking for.

Are you ready to learn more about Mount Hermon? Here we go!

Mount Hermon: The perfect place to ski in Israel

The majestic Mount Hermon is located in the Golan Heights in northern Israel, just on the border of both Lebanon and Syria. Its highest peak reaches 2,236 meters, and if you are driving from the White City of Tel Aviv, it will take you around 3 hours to get there. If you are an adrenaline junkie, this is a spot you cannot miss!

Besides being an amazing place to ski and snowboard, Mount Hermon has a breathtaking history, is mentioned on several occasions in the Torah, and is also mentioned a few times in the New Testament.

According to what they say themselves, “ (…) The Hermon site is a resort that operates all year long. It covers a section of about 2434 dunams at an altitude of 1600-2040 meters above sea level. During the winter, the mountain slopes are used for skiing and snowboarding with a large number of trails for beginners and advanced skiers. (…)”.

But, there is a lot more to do than just skiing or snowboarding in this historical, ancient, and fascinating place. People from this unique ski resort in Israel say that visitors who are not fascinated by skiing, can enjoy a range of other recreational activities related to winter sports. They can play snow games, use snow sledding for kids, or even the alpine coaster (mountain sleds) for the entire family.

If you don’t like sports and just want to breathe some fresh winter air, you can enjoy a ride by chair-lift to the top of Mount Hermon.

Tourism in Israel: Mount Hermon is a hot spot!

Although we are going over a difficult period of time regarding international tourism, we are sure things are going to get back to normal. Whenever that happens, the exciting Mount Hermon will again be ready to receive the 300,000 tourists that used to go there every year, only during the winter season.

But what happens during the summer? What goes on in Mount Hermon when there is no snow around? Well, during the summer, Mount Hermon still attracts tens of thousands of tourists.

That being said, people who go there during the warmer months of the year look forward to doing some recreational activities that include hiking, exploring the mountain, enjoying some phenomenal Israeli landscapes, and using the breathtaking bike trails during summer.

So, if you want to go and experience everything that Mount Hermon has to offer, you don’t have to wait until it is cold enough for you to wear your snowsuit. We know it is different, and it might not be as much of an adrenaline high as snowboarding, but you can always go there with the family to hike and enjoy a beautiful day out.

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