Self-care and beauty Hebrew Vocabulary

Look good, feel good! We all like to take care of ourselves (some more frequently than others!) by hydrating our skin, getting a manicure, treating ourselves to a new hairstyle or going for a massage.

Looking good for ourselves can certainly boost our self-esteem levels, and increase our self-confidence. Looking good can shift the way in which we interact with the world, and the perception we have of ourselves.

In this article, we will help you expand your Hebrew vocabulary by teaching you some self-care and beauty-related Hebrew words. If you want to know how to ask for a skin cream, for make-up, or for a wrinkles treatment in your closest drugstore, this blog post will help you do so.

One great thing to take into consideration is that in Israel there are tons of brands that produce sustainable and eco-friendly products. There is no need to extract all the salt left in the Dead Sea to look gorgeous and in Israel, there is always a healthy and nature-friendly way.

Are you ready to add more words to your Hebrew vocabulary? Are you ready to learn more Hebrew words related to beauty and self-care? If you are planning a visit to the land of milk and honey and want to look stunning when walking around Tel Aviv, you better take some notes.

Here we go!

Looking great! Hebrew vocabulary related to beauty and self-care products

If you want to add some spirituality and mysticism to this subject, looking good is a mitzvah (a commandment)! Yes, it is written in the Torah that since we were created in the image and likeness of God, we should look good and take care of ourselves to also honor the Creator.

Ready? Let’s begin! Beauty is just around the corner.

Cream: A great way to keep our skins hydrated and young. In Hebrew cream is קרם, and it is pronounced krehm. You can find a large variety of them in almost every pharmacy in Israel, and many types which are both sustainable and eco-friendly. In the land of milk and honey, men also take good care of themselves, so there are many Israeli creams specially formulated for male skin.

Make-up: We live in the 21st century! There is make-up available for every gender. If you take a walk around Dimona on a Wednesday afternoon you might see fewer people using it when comparing it to a party night in Tel Aviv, but nevertheless, you should know how to say make-up in Hebrew. Make-up in Hebrew is אִיפּוּר, and it is pronounced ee-poor, and there are thousands of stores selling all over Israel. If you want to know where to go, check out this Israeli Shopping Guide we published a few months ago!

Shampoo & Conditioner: It is not enough if our hair is clean, it should also be stylish. Therefore, you should pick the right shampoo and conditioner. On this occasion, the first word won’t imply any complication for you because shampoo in Hebrew is  שמפו and it is pronounced shampoo. Conditioner, on the other hand, is מרכך שיער, which literally means “hair softener”, and it is pronounced meh-rah-kech seh-ar.

Wrinkles: Israelis firmly believe that wrinkles on our faces are a sign of wisdom. Aging with wrinkles should be something we are proud of! That being said, many people try to avoid the appearance of wrinkles by using different styles of קרמים or other products. But, do you know how to say wrinkles in Hebrew? Wrinkles in Hebrew are קמטים and the word is pronounced kmah-teem. How many of them do you have?

Perfume: Looking good, smelling even better! Wearing a nice perfume is something you must do if you are looking to have a successful romantic date in Israel (and in the entire world). But, how much do you know about perfumes in order to pick the perfect fragrance? While you do your research, let us tell you that perfume in Hebrew is בּוֹשם, and it is pronounced boh-sem.

After-shave: A product widely used, with a great smell, and very effective when it comes to protecting our skin… and just so you know, the easiest word to learn in this article. After-shave in Hebrew is אַפטֵר-שֵׁייב and it is pronounced in the exact same way as we do in English. If you shave every day, protect your skin! Use after-shave!

Nail polish: Want to paint your nails with a very peculiar color? Many women (and men) in Israel paint their nails blue and white for celebrations like Yom Haatzmaut… Did you know that? Nail polish in Hebrew is לק ציפורניים and it is pronounced luck tzee-pohr-nah-eem. What is your favorite nail polish color? What is the color you are wearing right now? Let us know in the comments below!

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