Hebrew Vocabulary: My neighborhood

We have learned many things in this blog. Throughout time, we have helped you expand your Hebrew vocabulary in numerous different areas. Teaching you new Hebrew words makes us happy, not only because transferring knowledge moves us forward, but also because we can already picture you using these new words either in Israel or with your potential new Hebrew-speaking neighbors.

In this opportunity, we’d like to give you some Hebrew words that are going to help you move around your very own micro-world. We all have in our minds unforgettable moments, smells, and places… and most of them are part either of our current neighborhood, or from the neighborhood we used to live in during our childhood.

Now, you’ll have a phenomenal chance to expand your Hebrew vocabulary with new Hebrew words related to exactly that: Your neighborhood. Imagine new Israeli neighbors move to the house next door, how would you invite them to the closest park? Or how would you give them directions to the minimarket you go to?

Well, in this short but useful article we are going to teach some handy and practical Hebrew words you most likely didn’t know before.

Are you ready to learn more Hebrew? Because now, we are ready to teach you!

Neighborhood-related Hebrew words

Let’s imagine you live in a utopic world in which you only have phenomenal neighbors and live in one of the most inclusive and beautiful neighborhoods in the world. Let’s also imagine that friendship rules during the day, and during the night there’s only respect for one another so no noisy neighbors doing parties are bothering anyone.

Even if this is not the scenario you live in, there are some Hebrew words related to your neighborhood you have to learn. Are you ready to do so? Let’s begin…

Building: Building in Hebrew is בניין, and it is pronounced been-yahn. There are thousands of them all over Israel, and most Israeli families live in apartments within buildings. Apartment is דירה, and it is pronounced dee-rah. Have you visited any of your Israeli relatives to their דירות?

Neighborhood: What an important word! Neighborhood is שכונה and it is pronounced shchoo-nah. All cities in Israel are divided into different שכונות, and each neighborhood has parks, minimarkets, and -in some cases- a very specific kind of population. Neighborhoods like “Mea Shearim” in Jerusalem, or like “Nobel Prizes Neighborhood” in Rishon LeZiyyon have populations that are very easy to identify. That being said, most neighborhoods in Israel are totally mixed up and you can find all sorts of people in every single neighborhood and building.

Neighbor: Your neighbor can be either your best friend or your worst nightmare. Expecting you to have a phenomenal experience with your own neighbors, we proceed to teach you the Hebrew word. Neighbor in Hebrew is שכן or שכנה (if we’re talking about a woman); these words are pronounced either shah-chen or shcheh-nah, respectively. What about you? Do you love or hate your שכנים?

Park: Another simple Hebrew word. Park in Hebrew is פארק, and it is pronounced in the exact same way as you pronounce it in English: Park. There are thousands of them all over the land of Milk and Honey, and some of them include breathtaking landscapes to their offerings. Almost every single שכונה has a פארק that you’ll be able to enjoy with your kids and, one day, with your grandchildren.

Minimarket: A must-have of every Israeli neighborhood. Some of the most popular minimarket chains include AMPM, TivTa’am, and Super Yuda. But, how do you say “minimarket” in Hebrew? Well, in Hebrew, minimarket is מכולת. It is pronounced mah-ko-let, and in such a small store they have everything you need; from 3 minutes noodles, to frozen chicken to add to the soup you’re having on Shabbat. Do you have one close by? Move to Israel and you will!

Learn Hebrew. Move to Israel. Enjoy your neighborhood.

Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? Learn Hebrew, move to Israel, and enjoy your neighborhood.

Actually the first part of the plan is something you can start doing right now. In the live and online Hebrew courses offered by the Rosen School of Hebrew, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from the best available Hebrew instructors out there.

These well-trained instructors will make sure you start mastering the language of your ancestors while enjoying the learning process, and while meeting other classmates who -just like you- have one big dream. Speaking Hebrew fluently.

Are you ready to start? The time is now!

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Arie Elbelman R.Arie was born and raised in Chile, and immigrated to Israel in his early twenties. He wants to take an active role in the development of this young and smart country. Arie believes that the best way to shape our present and future is to live with more horizontal hierarchies, to smile a whole lot, and to always, always respect each other.

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