Best Israeli dips besides Hummus

Indeed. Once again we are trying to awaken your appetite. And we are not only referring to your stomach, but also to the desire to travel to the Land of Milk and Honey. In this short but tasty article, we will go over a few Israeli dips you have to know, and we will show you that Israeli gastronomy goes way beyond hummus and falafel.

We know in the past we’ve mentioned some of the best spots to try the trending topics of Israeli street food, and we have shown you where to get the best shawarma in Tel Aviv, and also the best sabich in the entire State of Israel. But today, and because of the current traveling limits and conditions, we want to offer you possibilities you and your family can enjoy from home.

How many Israeli dips do you know about, besides Hummus? How many of them can you prepare at home? Did any of your grandparents leave you a recipe to prepare Babaganoush, Tahini, or Matboucha? Well, be ready to feel hungry because after reading this blog post you’ll run to learn how to make these dips quickly.

If that’s the case, and you can’t wait until you finish reading, you can read while you cook. Right? Take a look…

Now, are you ready to discover your new all-time favorite Israeli dips? Here we go!

Israeli dips you can make at home!

Yes. Many of the dips we are going to describe you can prepare at home, and maybe even turn it into a cool family activity for the weekend. Can you imagine? Preparing your own babaganoush at home with your children, and then sitting down to watch a movie while dipping your pita bread into your just-made Israeli dip.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? So bring the family over! Let’s read this post together, and together you’ll decide what you guys are going to prepare next.


Tahini is a condiment made from toasted sesame. In general, it is served by itself or as an additional ingredient of hummus and babaganoush. It is also the main ingredient of Israel’s all-time favorite dessert: Halva. Tahini can also be used as a salad dressing and is great on kebabs or chicken skewers.

It is not only famous in Israel, it also has a prevalent presence in the cuisines of other parts of the Middle East and even in North Africa.

We wanted to begin with Tahini because a few of the Israeli dips we are going to mention next need this as one of the main ingredients. Therefore, we suggest you first prepare your tahini and then move forward to everything else.

If you want to know how to make Tahini with a very simple recipe and get amazing results, check out this video.


Babaganoush, very typical of the food markets in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, is a dip based on eggplant purée, something very traditional of both Arabic and Mediterranean cuisine. People usually eat it with tasty pita bread, just taken out of the oven. So if you also want to learn how to bake your own pita, that would be awesome!

To make it even tastier, you can go ahead and mix it with the Tahini you just made, or with garlic, lemon juice and a few other ingredients that create a unique, special flavor.

Be brave and add your own signature to your babaganoush! Turn it into something special and unique, and with the help of your cooking skills… also tasty.

We already left you a recipe a few paragraphs above, so you can check it out and start preparing your version right away… if you haven’t begun already.


The lovely matbucha is not only tasty, but it also holds has ancient origins that you have to be aware of, so the next time you have one you’ll be even more conscious.

In Aramaic, Matbucha means “cooked”, but its preparation is much more complex than just that, so don’t feel that preparing this Israeli dish is going to be a piece of cake.

Among its ingredients, it has roasted tomatoes and red peppers, spiced depending on your taste and preferences, with garlic and pepper.

It is a traditional Israeli dip with a presence both in the land of our ancestors, and the entire Middle East. Today, you can enjoy it in your own home and prepare your very own version of the traditional, delicious Matbucha.

If you love shakshuka and tomato is one of your favorite ingredients, matbucha is for you!

Make your own version by following these easy steps:

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