The Eleven Points- Part 1

On the night between the 5th of October 1946 and the 6th something amazing happened in the land of Israel, that in those days were under the hands of the British Authority.

Eleven settlements were established in the south of Israel in the area that is called “Negev”(Hebrew: נֶגֶב). This night is one of the important nights in the history of Israel because the outcome after this night was that all the areas of the northern Negev were settled with new inhabitants.

Those inhabitants tried to create a new reality in this area after it was known that this area was an area that the British authority wanted to give to the Arabs in the Morisson Grady plan.

What happened on that night?

After buying this territory and preparing water supply for those eleven points, a date was chosen for the settlement. The date was at the end of Yom Kippur, the day of atonement, after Shabbat, before the British soldiers went to their day off on Sunday.

The British Authority didn’t assume that in that night after people fasted for 25 hours, they will come in the middle of the night and create a new reality in this area, who was dangerous.

Find out more about the  Eleven Points in next week’s Article…

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