San Remo conference

The San Remo Conference is definitely a hallmark moment in the history of the establishment of the Jewish state. At this conference, which took place over a week – from June 19-26, 1920, the territories of the Ottoman Empire were divided between two states – England and France.

The territory of future State of Israel was placed under British Mandate – המנדט הבריטי- which was also responsible for the area of the east side of the Jordan River, the area that is today, Jordan – יַרְדֵּן.

Why was this conference so important to the Jewish people? Well, two years and half earlier the Balfour Declaration was made, which was the first time that the idea of a Jewish state in Israel was discussed by a non-Jewish state, a state that was about to rule over the territory of Israel after the San Remo Conference-וְעִידָה.
Let’s see exactly what was said about Israel 

“בעלת המנדט תהיה אחראית להגשמת ההצהרה שממשלת בריטניה פרסמה בשני בנובמבר 1917 ושנתקבלה על ידי ממשלות ההסכמה האחרות לטובת ייסוד הבית הלאומי לעם היהודי בארץ ישראל”
“The responsibility of the state that has the mandate is to fulfill the declaration of the British Government on 2/11/1917 and that was accepted by the allies of World War I, in favor of establishment of a national home for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel.”
93 years later, in 2013, we have just celebrated 65 years since the establishment of that State, the national home for the Jewish people. The San Remo Conference is an event to remember when we think about our existence today in Israel.

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