Mount Meron

Mount Meron(Hebrew:הר מירון) is a mountain in Israel 1,208 meters above sea level. Mount Meron is the highest mountain in Israel within the Green Line. The mountain is very significant to religious Jews and parts of it are a nature reserve.

At Mount Meron, near Safed, you’ll find the tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, Mishnaic-era rebel against Rome and author of the Zohar. Rabbi Shimon’s tomb is a magnet for Jewish pilgrims, especially on Lag Ba’omer. Adjacent to Rabbi Shimon’s tomb is the burial cave of Rabbi Hillel the Elder.



The nearby Meron synagogue dates from the late third century CE. Off the main road from Meron northwest, an hour-long loop trail at the 3,000-foot-high forested peak reveals fabulous vistas.

No trip to the Galilee and Israel is complete without a visit to the country’s highest mountain with its breathtaking views over all of the Upper Galilee.
On clear days it is possible to see as far as Samaria and the Carmel. Rain is abundant at this height (ensuring a rich variety of flora and fauna).

This is a pleasant and convenient site to visit throughout the year and is suitable for families with children. During winter and in between seasons it may be very cold.


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