Hurva Synagogue

The Hurva Synagogue(Hebrew: בית הכנסת החורבה), also called Hurvat Rabbi Yehudah he-Hasid, is a historic synagogue located in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.

In 1700, a group of European immigrants, followers of Rabbi Yehuda Hasid, settled in the Jewish Quarter and began building the synagogue.

In 1721, the synagogue was destroyed by Muslims.

100 years later, in 1821, followers of the GRA managed to obtain a license from the Turkish authorities in Kushta, annulling previous debts and permitting the rebuilding of the synagogue. It was inaugurated a second time in 1864.

The renewal of the synagogue and the restoration of the ruin were perceived as the initial phase of redemption.
In 1948, during the Independence War, the synagogue was destroyed again, this time by the Jordanian Arab Legion.

In 2003, the Israeli government has decided to rebuild the Synagogue.
The Hurva Synagogue today stands off a plaza in the center of Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter.

Since it was funded the Hurva synagogue became the largest, most magnificent and most important synagogue in the entire Land of Israel and the center of life in the Jewish Quarter.



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