Har Herzl

Mount Herzl is located in western Jerusalem, near the Jerusalem forest, 834 above sea level.
The mountain is named for Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern political Zionism. Herzl’s tomb lies at the top of the hill.

On Har Herzl (Hebrew: הר הרצל) you can find the burial area for Israel’s most prominent figures, which is called: Helkat Gedolei Ha’Uma. There you can find The Zionist Union’s leaders, Israel’s leaders, prime ministers, presidents and Israel’s primary military cemetery, on the mountain’s western slopes , you can find Yad VaShem, the Holocaust museum and research center .

In 1948, before the War of Independence came to an end, the Israeli government decided to rebury Herzl, the prophet of the State of Israel, in Israel as part of the efforts to establish its identity as a state. The government at the time wanted to found an official, symbolic burial site: a pantheon for the country’s leaders and the Zionist leadership.


Herzl, who died in 1904, asked to be buried in Vienna and then reburied in Israel with his family. The square just outside Herzl’s burial place is where the annual ceremony that concludes the Memorial Day for the casualties of war in Israel and marks the commencement of the Independence Day celebrations takes place.


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