Different approaches to the state of Israel – Part 2

The fourth approach to the state of Israel is for the state to be the state for all Jews around the world- מדינת כל העם היהודי. Israel would be the central focus of every Jew, no matter where they may live. It involves a close relationship and mutual commitment between Israel and the Diaspora, merging together common institutions inside and outside Israel.

The fifth one is the model that largely exists nowadays – Israel as a Jewish and democratic state -מדינה יהודית דמוקרטית. Most Jews who have immigrated to Israel can do so because of the specific law that enables that act – the Law of Return-

חוק השבות.

The state’s nature, culture and character are therefore determined mainly by the Jewish majority. As such, there are equal rights for all of its Jewish inhabitants, regardless of their country of origin. The law is the law of state, which still does not have a written constitution.

The sixth option is one that has been discussed at great length in the last decade: Israel as a state for all its citizens-מדינת כל אזרחיה. In this state, there would be no partiality towards any one nationality, Jewish, Arab or otherwise. The Jewish character of this state would be eliminated; it would exist purely as a democratic state, belonging equally to all of its citizens. The state would be committed to equal rights for all inhabitants, maintaining a complete separation between religion and the state.

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