Dead Sea Works

The Dead Sea Works (Hebrew: מפעלי ים המלח) is the world’s seventh largest producer and supplier of potash products, as well as a broad range of chemical products such as : magnesium chloride, industrial salts, de-icers, bath salts, table salt and raw materials for the cosmetic industry.

Founded in 1930 by Moshe Novomeysky, It was known as the Palestine Potash Company. After Israel’s independence in 1948, the extraction of minerals from the Dead Sea carried on with the establishment of Dead Sea Works Ltd. as a state-owned company in the 1950s.

In 1951, the company was nationalized by the Israeli government under the Ministry of Development , and in 1953, it was renamed the Dead Sea Works.
Dead Sea Works serve customers in over 60 countries from the manufacturing and support operations in Israel and in Spain, through the wholly-owned subsidiary, Iberpotash.


The Dead Sea facilities in Israel are a unique natural resource, situated at the lowest point on the planet, in a region of unspoiled beauty and splendor. Solar energy helps extract pure potash and other minerals from the biggest solar evaporation pond array in the world.


Similarly, the mines of Iberpotash represent one of Europe’s most important potash resources , and are located near the major potash consumption areas of the European Union.



Photo: Sharom Shlomo

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