Yifat Jeifetz, MA

Yifat Jeifetz, MA

Hebrew for Kids Teacher

A Few Words About Me

Yifat is an Israeli educator whose journey into teaching began in Argentina. Initially serving as a guide touring Israel and providing culture activities to soldiers from diversity populations in the army, she found her passion lay elsewhere. Over the years, Yifat has taught a variety of ages at different institutions.


Specializing in Hebrew as a second language, Yifat has conducted workshops for educators across Latin America, emphasizing the connection between language learning and Israeli culture. Her commitment to innovation drives her interest in new teaching methods, ensuring language acquisition remains relevant and rooted in Israel’s rich history.
Yifat’s educational background includes a teaching certificate from the Bama Institute in Argentina, a B.A. in Political Science and International Relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and a Diploma from Hebraica University in Mexico that focuses on teaching Hebrew as a second language. She has also completed a course at the Academy of the Hebrew Language, along with many other courses in the last 15 years.

Professional Experience

Yifat worked as a Hebrew and Jewish Studies teacher in Buenos Aires with primary and high school students. She worked with organizations like “Hillel” to provide courses to university students, and taught in Ulpanim for future Olim (immigrants) to Israel—groups facilitating adult Hebrew learning. Her extensive experience spans classroom and online teaching, tailored to individuals and groups of all sizes. She excels in crafting customized study materials and programs to meet the diverse needs of her students.
Yifat works at the Rosen School of Hebrew, teaching both adults and children. She is also involved in writing new materials for kids’ classes and is part of the coordination team.