Tomás Jesús Urrutia Sánchez

Tomás Jesús Urrutia Sánchez

Biblical Hebrew Teacher

A Few Words About Me

“If your culture and your faith are deeply rooted in the Bible, its study is the best way to gain access to the most intimate and profound aspects of your being.”

Dr. Tomás Jesús Urrutia is a teacher of biblical and modern Hebrew. For him, the greatest satisfaction at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies is to see how many students are actively involved in the learning experience, knowing that he fully supports them and is there for them. Even though he is not with his students physically, they are an essential part of him, mentally and emotionally.


Dr. Tomás Jesús Urrutia holds two bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy and Hebrew Philology from the University of Granada (Spain). He pursued his PhD studies on the past and present of the Arabic and Hebrew culture with a dissertation on Medieval Jewish Philosophy and published numerous scientific articles on this subject on which he has extensively lectured in symposia at a national and international level. He also served as a visitor researcher at the National Library of France (Paris). Moreover, he took two courses of Modern Hebrew at Tel Aviv University and Toledo School of Translators (Spain).

Professional Experience

Dr. Tomas Jesús has worked as professor at the University of Granada (Spain) and a Hebrew teacher in several academies. He has been working as a Biblical Hebrew at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies since 2012.