Tali Keselman, Ph.D

Tali Keselman, Ph.D

Hebrew for Kids Teacher

A Few Words About Me:

Tali has been a teacher for most of her life and believes that to be a teacher is to be a mentor, a guide, and sometimes even a confidant to her students. She is inspired witnessing their growth firsthand, both academically and personally, and finds it incredibly rewarding see that moment when a concept clicks or when a student overcomes a challenge. Tali relishes the opportunity to make a positive impact on her students’ lives every day, which makes the job fulfilling and meaningful. Overall, being a teacher for her is a journey filled with ups and downs, but the impact she has on her students makes it all worthwhile.


Tali holds a PhD in linguistics from the ELTE University in Budapest, Hungary.

Professional Experience:

Tali has considerable experience teaching the Hebrew language, from new immigrants in Israel to preparing high school students for the matriculation exams. She has also taught all Hebrew subjects at a college in Israel – phonetics, syntax, scientific writing and more. Along with her teaching duties, she has been involved over the years in developing learning materials and guiding teams of Hebrew teachers to implement and use digital teaching aids that help make the lessons more interesting and dynamic. As a teacher, she creates a personal relationship with her students, supporting and helping them wherever it is necessary.