Shoshi Nir
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Shoshi Nir
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"Bien que je sois un étudiant médiocre , Shoshi se montre toujours patiente et souriante. Elle sait trouver , sans se départir de l'hébreu, tous les moyens pour arriver à faire comprendre. Elle sait alterner les côtés austères grammaticaux et les chansons à écouter, Elle sait faire travailler les uns et les autres, si bien que les meilleurs font comprendre aux moins bons. Bravo e-teacher. Pour améliorer il serait bon de recevoir un livre-papier , en plus de ce qui est électronique."

Shoshi Nir

Modern Hebrew Teacher

A Few Words About Me

Any student can succeed and move forward at their own pace. You only need to find the way to get it done, with a lot of patience, investment, and belief. Shoshy is a Hebrew teacher, and teaches youths and adults from all over the world who want to learn Hebrew, at all levels. Her special relationship with her students is one of the added values of learning. Meeting students from all over the world and being able to introduce them  to more than the language, but also the land of Israel, the holidays, and the culture, contribute greatly to them and to her. Seeing students start their first lesson in Hebrew and continue to take more courses makes her very happy.


Shoshy graduated from the Gordon College in Haifa. She has a BA in Humanities and Social Sciences from the Open University and has graduated many courses in many subjects related to teaching and training teaches at Oranim.

Professional Experience

Shoshy has many years of experience teaching children in elementary schools and training teachers. She taught Hebrew to students and immigrants at the Technion in Haifa for over 10 years and currently teaches Hebrew at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies.