Diego Raigorodsky

Diego Raigorodsky

Biblical Hebrew Teacher

A Few Words About Me

Hebrew is the language of creation. If it’s true that our reality is created by our own language, then the universe itself was created with Hebrew. Apart from teaching languages, Diego translates classical books of Hebrew and Jewish culture so that they can be read in modern and occidental languages. He is also a guide and interpreter for people that want to travel and get to know the land of Israel from within.


Diego studied Linguistics and has a master’s degree in Hebrew Language and Literature from the University of São Paulo. He specialized in Jewish Culture at the Open University and the Online Yeshiva of Raanana, both in Israel.

Professional Experience

Diego is a very informative and charismatic teacher, with a special way of teaching his students and the ability of transforming abstract concepts, such as language, into something easy to learn. Thanks to his background in linguistics and his experience with different age groups, Diego knows very well how to adapt his speech to the students’ needs. Beyond that, by being a student of languages and a polyglot, Diego knows what it’s like to learn a new language, and he has great empathy for people that decide to start learning.