Dalia Wagner
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Dalia Wagner
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"Die Kurse sind gut strukturiert und die Lehrer geben sich sehr viel Mühe. Auch das Unterrichtsmnaterial ist gut und verständlich auch wenn es auf Englsich ist. Unterrichtsbücher in der eigenen Muttersprache (bei mir Deutsch) wären natürlich nagenehmer."

Dalia Wagner

Biblical and Modern Hebrew Teacher

A Few Words About Me

Dalia believes that only through the complete and fluent control of the Hebrew language, can we gain a deep understanding of the Jewish culture, the Bible, the tradition, the holidays, and the experience throughout the ages.


Dalia has a certificate for teaching in elementary schools, a BA in History and Philosophy from the Tel Aviv University, and an MA in Rabbinic Literature from the University of Haifa. She is biblical and modern Hebrew teacher at the Israel Institute of Biblical Languages and is always excited to see the sparkle in her students’ eyes when they suddenly begin to understand the names in biblical stories.

Professional Experience

Dalia taught in elementary school for 4 years, and then began teaching adults for 20 years in courses provided to immigrants by the Ministry of Education. She joined the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies 7 years ago, where she teaches modern Hebrew and biblical Hebrew.