Modern Hebrew

Level 5

Learning Hebrew doesn't only bring you closer to your roots and to Israel, it also allows you to discover and read beautiful Hebrew literature.

Course Description

At this advanced level you will learn to express yourself in complex situations. We will listen to different recordings and you will practice expressing yourself in writing and speaking, by comparing your own life experiences to those we listen to. Through this you will learn:

  • 300 new words
  • Different verb groups to increase your ability to use these verbs in all tenses
  • More complex grammar: modal verbs, time expressions, different uses of nouns

We will also expand our reading by covering different types of material. Whether we read about historical areas of Israel, different social groups, popular poetry, or expressions and proverbs, each topic enriches your understand of the Hebrew language and Israeli culture.

Course Main Takeaways

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    Start Date October 25, 2020
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    Level Expert
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    Weekly Hours 2 Hrs
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    Duration 9 Months
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    Accreditation This course is worth 2 credits at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Course Developer

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Ouzi Rotem

Ouzi Rotem lives in Tel Aviv, where he  teaches Modern and Biblical Hebrew as well as Biblical Aramaic. He enjoys reading, cooking and listening to…


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"estoy en el segundo nivel, a diferencia de otros idiomas que ha aprendido me…

Syllabus Summary

  • Aleph Beth

    Text:Aleph Beth. Grammar: The inflections of the numerals and other quantifiers

  • I Don't Know Why

    Song: What's up with me? / Arik Einstein, Josie, Katz, Yankale Rotblit and Shalom Hanoch, Grammar: Binyan Pi’el, gizrat Ha-shlemim: present, past and infinitive Indirect speech containing interrogative sentences

  • I Would Like You to Talk Hebrew to Me

    Grammar: Binyan Pi’el, gizrat Ha-shlemim: future and gerund Verbs expressing a wish or a request

  • I Waited and Waited…

    Song: Michael / Miriam Yalan-Shteklis, Grammar: Binyan Pi’el, gizrat Lamed-Yod

This Course is Fully Acknowledged by the Hebrew University

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