Modern Hebrew

Level 2

Learning Hebrew is easy with the right method, teachers, and learning materials. This course takes you to the next level of Hebrew as you come closer to being completely fluent.

Course Description

In this beginners course we will focus on communicating in different situations including; at the doctor’s, at a restaurant, at the bank, going shopping. Through these conversations, you will gain fluency and confidence in speaking. You will also learn:

  • 350 new words
  • To read fluently
  • Syntax: question words, adverbs of time, adjectives, pronouns
  • Further verbs in present tense and infinitives

During the course we will introduce further texts and experiences in Israel, as well as a range of written exercises to practice both reading and writing. Through these exercises you will practice the new vocabulary as well as your ability to use more complex sentences.

Course Main Takeaways

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    Start Date October 25, 2020
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    Level Improved
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    Weekly Hours 2 Hrs
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    Duration 9 Months
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    Accreditation This course is worth 2 credits at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Course Developer

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Tamar Weyl

Tami Weyl was a senior lecturer at the Rothberg International School for Foreign Students in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Tami Weyl has been serving…

Course Developer

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Shira Cohen-Regev, MS MSW

Shira Cohen-Regev finds the combination of teaching Hebrew and e-learning appealing and challenging and enjoys every minute of virtually teaching Hebrew. Shira believes in virtual…


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"Although it took some getting used to, I really appreciate the one-on-one attention during…
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"Ulpan 2 is gradually bringing me closer and closer to my ultimate goal: being…

Syllabus Summary

  • Hello! Nice to meet you!

    In this unit we’ll get acquainted with the teacher and with our classmates, and then we’ll start learning and enjoying.
    This unit will introduce the different parts of the body and will refresh some verbs and conjugations.

  • Doctor, I am in pain!

    In this unit we’ll learn how to describe our symptoms to the doctor.
    We'll also learn how to identify feminine nouns, and learn the names of basic colors.

  • Would you like to work at the bank?

    In this unit we will learn verbs and infinitives and practice using them. We will also discuss the pros and cons of certain jobs.

  • Buying vegetables at the market

    Israeli culture thrives on eating and cooking local vegetables from the marketplace. This unit will teach you how to engage in conversation on your next trip to the Israeli shuk (marketplace.)

This Course is Fully Acknowledged by the Hebrew University

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  • image descriptionGet full HUJI credits for this course
  • image descriptionValid in any academic institute that acknowledges HuJI credits
  • image descriptionReceive official Rosen certificate upon completing this course
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