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Israel: Tour the Land

Panoramic Course

Experience the country you love in its full glory

Course Description

You yearn for Israel because you have a spiritual affinity with it. We understand. Israel is a country of great beauty. It’s a journey into the soul of the country, where the old and the new make it such a unique place. Through this course, you will embark on a weekly tour that will bring to life the sights, sounds, and tastes of Israel.

This course is intended to be an introduction to and a comprehensive overview of the physical aspects of the Land of Israel, as it looks right now. Together with a small group of other students, you will virtually travel throughout the country. Together, we will delve into a wide range of topics from ancient history to contemporary politics to cuisine while always striving to focus on the physical places themselves.

After this course, you will:

  • Develop a firm understanding of the diverse geographical regions that make up the Land of Israel and the unique characteristics (geological, climatic, agricultural) of each.
  • Acquire an appreciation for the physical beauty of the Land of Israel.
  • Make practical use of Hebrew, seeing how the language is used in modern Israel.
  • Become more informed regarding the historical background of the Land.
  • Become inspired to visit Israel in person and will have acquired practical knowledge to organize a visit.

Each of the 30 one-hour lessons is devoted to a particular region. Each lesson will include some new Hebrew words and phrases to learn. At the end of the course, you’ll know much more about Israeli culture and history. On your next visit, you’ll be equipped to walk Israel’s streets, meet the people, and share your love for the country with your family and friends.

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Syllabus Summary

  1. Introduction to Israel

    Overview of the diverse geographic regions of Israel. Zoom in from global to local. Geographical and topographical; features of the land.

  2. Jerusalem – ancient

    City of David
    The Old City
    The Mount of Olives

  3. Jerusalem – old

    Yemin Moshe, Nahalat Shiva
    The German Colony, Katamon

  4. Jerusalem – new

    Post 1967 neighborhoods
    Givat Ram: Knesset
    Har Herzl – Yad Vashem

  5. The Shephelah - ancient

    Tel Lachish
    Bet Guvrin
    Bet Shemesh
    Elah Valley

  6. The Shephelah -modern

    Rehovot —Weizmann Institute
    Kiryat Gat —Intel factory
    Bet Shemesh

  7. The Southern Coastal Plain

    The Gaza Envelope עוטף עזה
    Netivot, Sderot

  8. The Northern Coastal Plain (Sharon)

    Nahal Taninim Nature Reserve
    Zichron Yaakov

  9. Haifa

    Haifa Bay
    German Colony
    Bahai Gardens

  10. Haifa and its environs

    Mount Carmel
    Daliyat al-Carmel
    Bet Shearim

  11. Akko and North

    Old Akko port and aqueduct
    Templars' Hall, Al Jazzar Mosque
    Rosh Hanikra

  12. Lower Galilee

    Horns of Hattin
    Nebi Shueib

  13. The Jezreel Valley

    Bet Alpha
    Gan Hashlosha — "Sakhne"
    Mount Tabor
    Bet Shean
    Belvoir/Kochav HaYarden

  14. The Sea of Galilee

    Hammat Gader
    Kinneret, Degania

  15. Upper Galilee

    Mt Meron
    Rosh Pina

  16. The Galilean Panhandle

    The Hula Valley — bird watching
    Tel Dan

  17. The Golan Heights — South

    Mount Bental
    Yehudiyah Nature Reserve

  18. The Golan Heights — North

    Mount Hermon
    Nimrod Castle

  19. Tel Aviv — Jaffa

    Old Jaffa
    Port, flea market
    Church St Peter

  20. Southern Tel Aviv

    Rothschild Blvd — Independence Hall
    "The White City"
    Neve Tzedek

  21. Northern Tel Aviv

    Kikar Rabin
    Dizengoff Square
    Ramat Aviv
    Yarkon Park

  22. The West Bank — Judea


  23. The Judean Desert

    Wadi Qelt
    Maaleh Adumim
    Monasteries — St George, Mar Saba
    Qasr al Yehud

  24. The Dead Sea

    Ein Gedi — park and synagogue
    Mt Sodom

  25. The West Bank — Samaria

    Mount Gerizim

  26. The Negev


  27. The Negev

    Sde Boker
    Mitzpe Ramon
    The Craters (Makhteshim)
    Mamshit, Shivta

  28. The Arava

    Desert agriculture
    Kibbutz Ketura — Arava institute
    Bird watching

  29. Eilat

    Timna Valley National Park
    Scuba diving, swimming with dolphins

  30. The Israel Trail — שביל ישראל

    Summing up of the course

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Have a Question?

  • How does the course work?

    We teach live classes online: a teacher and a small group of students meet once a week through their home computer. We use video conference technology that allows live student-teacher interaction. You can fully participate in the lesson by using the microphone or the chat box.

  • What if I miss a lesson?

    Don’t worry, all the live lessons are also recorded and available on-demand. You can review them at any time.

  • What qualifications do your teachers have?

    All our teachers have a teaching certificate and are approved by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. They are all native Hebrew speakers, providing students with a well-rounded education in Hebrew language and Israeli culture.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    To read our full cancellation policy, click here.

  • Class time zones – what time do your classes start?

    We teach Sunday to Friday according to your local time zone. You are welcome to check the schedule and assign yourself to a time that’s most suitable for you.

  • Do I need to purchase special equipment for the courses?

    All you need is a working computer with an internet connection and you’re set. We work with Windows and Mac operating systems.

  • How much does it cost?

    The total tuition for the course is $1295.

  • Can I pay in installments?

    Yes, you can pay in 9 monthly installments.