The five “mem” that a man needs

One of the amazing things in the Hebrew Language is the usage of the letters in order to create abbreviations or initials. Today we are going to learn from the words of Ze’ev Jabotinsky-זאב ז’בוטינסקי – who was a Revisionist Zionist leader.


His social thoughts about the needs of people became heritage for a lot of people, whether they supported his political opinions or not.

Jabotinski denoted that every person needs five basic things in order to survive in this world. These elementary needs were called also as the “five mems”- חמשת הממים.
What are the five mems that a man needs?

מָזוֹן-mazon-minimum food that the state have to provide each person.

מָעוֹן-ma’on- a dwelling place. Every man needs a house. No homeless people can be in the state of Jabotinski.

מַלְבּוּשׁ-Malbush- every person in the state needs clothes to wear. The state must give him clothes- בגדים.

מוֹרֶה-moreh- you can’t live without education – you need a teacher. This is the only way to evolve.

מַרְפֵּא-marpeh- you can’t live without doctors and medicines. The state should give them to you.

I wonder what you think about these five mems of Jabotinski. Was he just a dreamer or his words can be implemented?


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