Miriam Ruth

If you would ask every kid or adult in Israel who is Miriam Ruth(Hebrew: מרים רות), I am not sure that everyone will remember exactly what she has done in her life and its importance in the history of Israel. However, if you quote just one line from her stories for the children, most of the people will say and declaim it by heart.

Ruth was born in 1910 in Nova Zmki which was part of the kingdom of Austro-Hungary. She studied psychology at the University of Brno, and after immigrating to Israel in 1931 she studied at the Hebrew University.

She was involved in education for many years and taught at Oranim College. But, her history as a teacher or student is less important. Ruth wrote children’s books that until today considered to be the best for babies and small kids.
Two lines that every kid in Israel know to quote are:
“אמא של רותי הביאה מתנה: שמחה וששון – לכל ילד בלון. לרותי – בלון כחול. לרון – בלון צהוב. לסיגלית – בלון סגול. לאורי – בלון ירוק. לאלון – בלון אדום. כל הילדים – וכל הבלונים יצאו לטיול…”
The mother of Rutie brought a present: happiness and joy, to every kid a balloon. To Rutie- a blue balloon, to Ron- a yellow one, to Sigalit- a purple one, to Uri- a green one, to Alon- a red one. All the balloons and all the kids went on a trip…”
She created some of the most famous books preschools in Modern Hebrew literature, including her first book “Story of Five Balloons” (1974), “Yael’s House” and “Hot Corn”. In 2002 Ruth got the Bialik Prize for Literature.
Ruth died in 2005 at the age of 95 and was buried in her Kibbutz Sha’ar Hagolan.

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