Mini Israel

If you are traveling in Israel, you don’t want to miss one of Israel’s greatest attractions:

Mini Israel (Hebrew: מיני ישראל). This amazing site contains miniature replicas of hundreds of buildings and landmarks in Israel including the western wall, Dome of the rock, the old city of Jerusalem and many more.

The permanent exhibition shows the main sites and structures in Israel of importance to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The sites are of Historical, archeological, cultural, religious, and ethnic importance.

Mini Israel consists of 350 buildings and landmarks, 30,000 figures, 500 animals, plants and 15,000 real trees, 4,700 cars and more. All trees are real bonsai cultivated and planted by Agronomy nursery.

The park is shaped like a Star of David, with each of the six triangles representing an area or city: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Galil, Negev, and Center. Models were created in workshops spread throughout Israel using sophisticated computerized evaluations, based on research prepared by Mini Israel staff.

Most of the buildings were built in the scale of 1:25. The models are made of polyurethane or similar polymeric materials, and small stones. They were painted with waterproof paint for resistance to weather conditions. Many of the models include kinetic moving parts such as trains, planes, a soccer game, heavy equipment, boats and much more. Don’t miss it!

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