Bissli (Hebrew: ביסלי) is one of the most popular snacks in Israel. It is Osem’s leading snack after Bamba. The name Bissli was based on the size of the Bissli chips.


It is a combination of the Yiddish word Bis, meaning bite and the Hebrew word li, meaning for me.

Bissli was introduced during the 1970s. At the time, there were no salty snacks available in Israel and even the word snack didn’t exist in the Hebrew language!!

Today there are 6 Bissli flavors: Grill, Barbecue, Onion, Pizza, Falafel, and Mexican. Each Bissli flavor has a special shape: Bissli Pizza is shaped like wheels, the onion flavor is shaped like small hoops, Bissli Barbecue is shaped like small hollow tubes and Bissli Falafel is shaped like little sticks.

The most popular flavors are Grill and Barbecue. Bissli Grill was born out of Osem’s specialty which was making pasta.


Watch Bissli’s commercial from the 1990s:

Credit: Osem
Photo: Pikiwiki

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